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5/15/13 6:00 A

have you tried interval training to help rev up your metabolism?

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5/15/13 5:50 A

The previous poster has asked you some good questions. If you're still losing weight, even if it's very slow (which is to be expected when you're so close to your goal), then you might not need to change a lot at this point.

I would also recommend having your body fat tested. When you're so close to your goal weight, that's a better indicator of health versus a number on the scale. If you find you're already in the healthy range, that could be why you're having trouble losing more weight. Have you been your goal weight in the recent past?

Coach Jen

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5/14/13 4:21 P

I think you should update your fitness tracker, if you haven't already, to reflect the exercise you do each week and the calories burnt and to see what it says. :) Other than that, you should ask yourself if your body has possibly gotten used to the exercise you normally perform and seek to change that up a bit.

My final question: have you actually plateaued? I don't see you saying you have, and if you haven't, then you should continue to do what you're doing.

5/14/13 3:30 P

Good Afternoon Fellow Sparkies!
I have a question. I have 10 or so pounds left. . I am usually in the upper end of my calorie count and sometimes a little over.( 1250 to 1550 daily, just like every body else)
I am stabilizing wonderfully at this weight BUT this is not my goal. Should I just plain cut back on the calories.I am faithful to five days a week of exercise usually and hour a day. I do cardio which includes low and some hight impact aerobics, some biking and walking. I strength train too. What do you guys think?? I'm thinking I need to cut the calories.
Thanks so much!

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