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Strong words, but so very true. As with other forms of addiction, admitting that there is a problem is a huge step forward. As someone who has essentially been able to maintain a 68 pound loss over the last year and a half, I've come to really see how true that is. The initial high of being able to conquer the cravings and take control over what has been controlling you (food) eventually wears off and it becomes harder to resist. What keeps me honest, though, is knowing that I do have the power and I know that how I choose to treat my body in this moment will ultimately dictate how my body will treat me in the coming hours/days. If I give in to the cravings in a small, controllable way, I am alright, but should I indulge in something that I know is a danger food for me and have easy access to more, this is the slippery slope that can lead to binges of varying lengths of anywhere from a few hours, days, weeks or months. Too scary for me.

My neice in law offered me a small peice of lovely strawberry cream pie to top off my delicious meal of grilled chicken and green salad. I graciously accepted it and ENJOYED it, but when she offered to send the left-overs with me to share with my family, I had to own up to the inevidable fact that it would not likely make it to my family and that I would most likely finish up the whole thing on my own. I know now that I have admitted to my sugar addiction that I must always protect myself from myself.

If that junk food calling me is a 100 calorie slim chocolate (dark) bar that will satisfy (and essentially SHUT UP the craving monster) then I choose to eat, enjoy and log it. If, however, there is an abundance of available with no real serving size or limit to the amount I could concievably consume, there it stays. I know myself well enough that I have a hard time regulating my own servings of sweet things, particularly chocolate, so I limit my enjoyment in highly controlled situations.

It may not work for everyone, but for me, I've learned that since I began treating my body more respectfully in 2010, this works for me and is a lifestyle that I can maintain for the long run.

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Yes! That is correct!!! The junk food will be there tomorrow!!! You will survive by going just one silly little day without it. Alcoholics have to take it day by day by telling themselves that the alcohol will be there tomorrow and Food Addicts have to do the same thing. The Junk Food Will Be There Tomorrow!!!!!! Don't worry! You can eat as much junk food tomorrow as you want. Put the donut down. You will survive without it!!! You will not die!!!! If you get a panic attack, then go lie down or drink a large glass of water. Be strong! Don't be a weakling. Just because others at the office are shoving cake down their throats, does not mean you have to. Don't be weak. Be strong. The junk food will be there tomorrow. This is not the last day you have to eat. Do you want to be slim and fit or fat and miserable???? It's your choice. This is not a dress rehearsal.

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