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JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (598,750)
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8/28/13 10:47 P

I know; there's a lot out there!!!

MAGWINA Posts: 101
8/28/13 10:41 P

It's like junk mail, but from cyber space,,lol

LEZASEDAI Posts: 419
8/28/13 9:39 P

AT&T cable TV& Internet starting at $49
Tony Ray's Pizza and Wings (! ! !)
A Vacation
Pro Flowers
hp computers

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
8/28/13 8:37 P

On my homepage, which is Verizon Yahoo--Southwest Airlines, RAM trucks, DISH TV ....

No time or money for #1, Can't drive #2, and not zoned for #3 (happy cable Broadcast Basic customer/news junkie here)

On Sparkpeople splash, it's Chrysler sedan

Don't drive these days, and so I didn't know I was such a road rat ... emoticon

NSPIXIE SparkPoints: (44,966)
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8/28/13 8:00 P

Sorry double post (screen hung and I refreshed)

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NSPIXIE SparkPoints: (44,966)
Fitness Minutes: (21,370)
Posts: 1,786
8/28/13 7:58 P

Ok, now the Mother of the Bride dresses are 85% off...

Actually it's not bad - I only need to convince my son to marry someone...

NSPIXIE SparkPoints: (44,966)
Fitness Minutes: (21,370)
Posts: 1,786
8/28/13 7:35 P

Sometimes I get these "Poise" ads just moving my mouse around the screen. YUCK! I'm not ready for that yet!! Hopefully will never be...

Strangely enough the wedding dress ads are 75-80% off...

The girls in the wedding dresses have really great figures, I doubt if I'll ever look like that again, but I can wish...

emoticon emoticon

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
8/28/13 7:13 P

Today it is

plus size clothing (hello internet, get the memo! i'm back in regular size now!)
tim horton's coffee (really don't need the "sell" here but thanks for the reminder!)
credit rating monitoring service (should i... be concerned...?)

and upon refreshing my screen, *baby shoes* ... oh good grief. WRONG TARGET MARKET.

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JBALDWIN29 Posts: 5,136
8/28/13 7:13 P

I keep getting those single ads, meet people I am married 31 years.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
8/28/13 7:08 P

Wide plank hardwood flooring, ant bait and a refrigerator.

Edited to add: now, they want to sell me a mattress and something called a pressure oven that claims to "infuse food with more flavor in as little as 1/3 the time."

Edited by: LOVE4KITTIES at: 8/28/2013 (19:14)
NSPIXIE SparkPoints: (44,966)
Fitness Minutes: (21,370)
Posts: 1,786
8/28/13 7:06 P

Pink and black polka dotted shoes - I have never done anything in my whole search history to warrant that!!


8/28/13 6:49 P

Curly Hair Products (I have curly hair-freaky that it knows this)
Criminal Pardons (I've gotten away with all my crimes)
A wedding dress (I am not married or engaged)
Kayak tours

The internet thinks I'm a frizzy-haired engaged criminal in need of a getaway.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,511
8/28/13 6:46 P

I think the adds are driven by what's in your browser cookies.

NSPIXIE SparkPoints: (44,966)
Fitness Minutes: (21,370)
Posts: 1,786
8/28/13 6:39 P

A Wedding Dress (LOL I've been married over 30 years)
Pearls from Birks
Diamonds from Blue Nile
A new car (I just bought one in the spring)
A vacation
A Tim Hortons coffee

What do the internet adds want to sell to you?

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