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4/9/14 1:19 P

We did decorated Easter eggs. You take a raw egg and tap a little hole in each end and blow the raw egg out of the egg shell. You can dye or color the egg shell but the fun part is when you cover the hole with glued tissue paper and fill it with confetti. We used to spend weeks before Easter making these. We would have a neighborhood Easter egg hunt and when we found the eggs we would run after each other smashing them on each other's heads!

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4/9/14 12:46 P

We don't do the Easter Bunny anymore, big kids. Even if we did we wouldn't this year much anyway. The Tuesday before Easter is my youngest's birthday and then the day after Easter is my husband's birthday. Between birthday cake and junk food from parties I don't see the need. That being said: play doh is great. Rainbow loom stuff is great. movies, small toys and such.

My kids are each getting a few small things. Zackaree is getting 2 new decks of cards (he can do card tricks and flourishes, his favorite deck "died" this week from overuse). And Noah will get a new infinity piece. Also, each of them will get a new book and journal. Oh and I am working on their bible memory verse books to give them on Easter.

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4/5/14 9:53 A

home-made slime in baggies....I have all boys, can u tell? emoticon


3/27/14 5:13 A

Thanks to you all for your great ideas --- you have inspired me. I definitely like the non-food ideas. Keep sparking! emoticon

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3/26/14 12:53 P

stickers and temporary tattoos

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3/26/14 11:33 A

PJ's, socks, pencils, erasers, small note pads, nail polish, hair pins/ribbons bubble bath, toothpaste/tooth brush, movie ticket, bowling ticket, tiny stuffed animals, T-shirt, gum tic-tacs

I have boys, and get them one quality chocolate bunny, so even if they get gifts of chocolate it normally isn't as good and normally sits around and I slowly throw out a little bit every day. (nerf bullets, gum, cards, chap-stick/lip balm, little cars, socks, swim suits, books, itune card)

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3/25/14 8:12 P

I try to get my kids candy/sweets that I am not a fan of. Also, movies and music are a good idea.

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3/25/14 2:21 P


SARALD5 Posts: 342
3/25/14 2:21 P

How old are your kids? I have 3 girls, 9, 9, and 8. I do a little candy, and easter decoration (although they usually don't like it ha), maybe coins or a dollar in an egg, bath stuff, nail polish...

3/25/14 1:13 P

I am reaching out to ask for ideas and support around easter baskets, candy and chocolate. As much as I try to be creative with what else to put in our eggs, it inevitably ends up being those chocolate eggs. I have labeled "treat bags" for my girls and they do pretty much know what is in there but I have to admit I am already anxious about getting through this holiday. Suggestions, ideas and humor all most appreciated! emoticon

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