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1/17/12 10:51 A

If you want to change up your routine and target the core area, I'd recommend a stability ball. You can do all the "normal" plank moves (with feet on ball, hands on ball, shoulders on ball bridging up the hips) and its VERY challenging (and a bit humbling when the ball bucks you off).

Stability balls aren't very expensive and you can use them for a whole host of exercises (or just sit on while you watch a t.v. show).

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1/17/12 6:43 A

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions for this- Much appreciated!

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1/16/12 8:14 P

Actually using sliders safely and correctly can really change up your workouts.
I use them periodically but don't buy the overpriced ones.
You can get large oval furniture movers at Home Depot or Lowes...4 for $10.00. Rubber on one side and smooth on the other.
Great for changing up some core moves.

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1/16/12 7:02 P

Paper plates also work well.

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1/16/12 5:27 P

you can do the same thing with a barbell with plates.

1/16/12 5:14 P

Not worth it - I had something similar once and they kept wanting to go to the side instead of forward and back. You'll spend most of your energy just trying to keep control of them.

Plus from the looks of it you'd work the same muscles (more effectively) doing some of the exercises here that require no equipment at all. Some that come to mind are 'swim', 'crunches', 'modified bridge' and 'push ups'. None of those require anything but your own body and room to do it.

I wouldn't waste your money on that thing.

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