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I stumbled across this today.

The idea is - you take a picture of the odd orphaned ingredients we all have hidden away in the pantry, that we have no idea what to do with. Then other readers offer suggestions. People have posted pictures of everything from coconut milk and red lentil (which, to me, are "ordinary/everyday!") to juniper berries and canned lotus roots (which i wouldn't know what to do with!)... lots of stuff bought as "impulse buys" or received as gifts or as part of gift baskets.

Then... other viewers can comment on good ways to use these ingredients, giving advice on how to prepare (i.e. just what *do* you do, with dried eggplant skins?), serving suggestions, recipes.... my absolute favorite was the suggestion for what to do with Waldens fat-free calorie free "peanutty spread" (I'll leave it to you to find that one ha ha ha).

Maybe you want to upload your own picture? Maybe you want to see what other advice has been given for how to use agave syrup? Maybe you want to share your own ideas on how to use garbanzo bean flour? If so, start here:

or go straight to their tumblr site at

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