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GARDEMON SparkPoints: (81,764)
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12/14/12 8:14 P

I would advise you to get on the real bike and get out there. Living in The Netherlands, we love biking. I use it as a transportation mean. I have no car. It is great.

Enjoy the ride.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,451
12/14/12 7:36 P

The bike is potentially awesome exercise. And it's low impact nature can be a good change-up from higher impact exercise, or for those with joint issues.

But I agree that they key is resistance. You can cruise along at a fairly high speed and still not burn all that many calories at a low level of resistance. But as you increase the resistance, you can really increase the work required, and give yourself an awesome workout.


KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,670)
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12/14/12 10:53 A

You get out of it what you put into it. You could say the same thing about any form of exercise.

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
12/14/12 10:13 A

As a longtime cyclist, I seriously beg to differ. It is definitely an excellent cardio activity that will burn calories and if you up the resistance, will help you develop your lower body. Have you ever looked at the legs and calves of a cyclist? The bike is definitely doing something.

If your gym has options, opt for the spinning cycle and not the recumbent so you can lift out of your seat for intervals when you are ready. Make sure to keep your hip flexors stretched and that you mix it up with other cardio so you don't develop imbalances.

And just like with all of the cardio machines, you have to work it and be present for your workout. Don't go slow and mindlessly read or you won't get much out of it.

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (79,152)
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12/14/12 8:33 A

In biking, both stationary and outside, the resistance matters a lot. If you spin the wheel freely with little or no effort, you will get minimal benefit out of it. On the other hand, if you put the resistance high enough so that you find it difficult but not impossible to spin, that exercise will be pretty effective burning away a lot of calories.

HANA11 SparkPoints: (44,360)
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12/14/12 8:28 A

Biking is a great low impact cardio exercise. You can get great results with it! Just make sure to workout at a moderate intensity, and to include some high intensity interval training to it, 2 or 3 times/ week! Good luck!

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12/14/12 8:13 A

For a long time I've been hearing that doing the bike at the gym dosn't really do anything for you or you body that its just something thats just kinda there.

I'm just wondering if any of that is true, which i'm almost sure it isn't. But I want to be able to change up my workout routine every now and them, and I'm thinking that changing it up with the bike isn't really such a bad idea, but id like to make sure that it does help in the whole weight loss thing.


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