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Assuming everyone is clinically overweight, the obese person probably doesn't have much of an advantage. However, people who are already in their healthy weight ranges will- and SHOULD- have a much harder time losing an equal percent of their body weight... because they don't need to! As an example, I currently weigh 122. It would be way easier for a 300-pound person to lose thirty pounds than for me to lose 12 pounds. And again, it's because I probably shouldn't lose those twelve pounds- they're part of my healthy frame.

I would worry a lot less about winning or losing, and more about the health benefits of participating in the process. I'm currently doing "Survivor" at my gym, where I was randomly assigned to a team and we work together to earn points for each minute we work out at the gym. I don't care if my team wins or loses... the competition has been integral in forcing me to get back to the gym after a flu, and in order to earn more points I've taken some new, different fitness classes that I'll likely continue attending after the contest. Win-win!

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3/4/12 12:09 A

I also started a BL challenge @ work. I work in a call centre environment and we are very sedentary. So 30 of the 60 employees signed up and we are in 3 groups. I am a team leader.
Need to motivate my team. We are also going by % lossed. I am so excited that the manager decided to give her support.
We will be doing a 5 mile walk 2 days a week together.
Jillian Michaels level 1 30 day shred 2 days and conditioning another day.
i don't care which tem wins right now.
I'm just glad so many people joined in and that i have 29 people who will support me in my weightloss effort.

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While he/she may lose more weight, percentage wise it may be easier to meet your goal. For example for a 300 individual to lose 10% of his/her weight would require a 30 pound loss. Let's say you weigh 150 pounds, 10% for you would only be 15 both loss the same percentage but you have less to lose.

Does this help?

Coach Nancy

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2/7/12 7:26 P

So we are starting up TBL at work and I am signing up. My question is, most of the people who are signing up are my size or a bit larger. We have one person who is about 300 lbs. I know its all done by %, does that person have the advantage over the rest of us? If he looses 10lbs, and we lose 4lbs, does he win?

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