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JOY2BSLIM Posts: 932
7/7/13 9:40 P

I think some people are confusing this with the flat belly diet that are into the MUFAs. As far as the Belly fat cure, let see, if you get rid of a lot of built up waste in your stomach by dieting, how is that NOT spot reducing? I notice weight loss in my stomach pretty quickly. If people dont want to listen to reason, move on. I also know this plan works.

ANNESYLVIA SparkPoints: (207,363)
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Posts: 11,637
7/3/13 7:36 P

Maybe I try reading the book before considering it. I was at a plateau and now the scale is moving in the wrong direction. Have to try something.

LOISJOHN14VS6 Posts: 863
7/3/13 7:11 P


PINKYYSUEE Posts: 4,137
7/3/13 6:10 P

Actually, no I wouldn't lose on any other diet...I have tried multiple different diets...and yes I would lose small amounts but then couldn't get past a certain point...I hit that spot with this one, and have gone through may not have any new info in your opinion but to me it husband has high chol. and diabetes...and we have learned that its not nessicarily chol. in food that determines your chol. levels but the sugar you eat...and we have already seen results in his blood tests..he had a test just before he started this diet, then another test 2 months after starting it and we saw a significant difference in the numbers...and he was eating bacon and eggs which he hadn't done since his chol. was high...

And also, you may feel the title misleads...I don't know if it really does, but I have seen results with this diet that I have not seen with any other...including WW which i did twice. I have more energy with this one which I never have had with any other...even WW because another thing you learn in this book is that sugar and carbs have a sugnificant role in how you feel...and if you look at WW meals and probably nutrisystem, in their food is ALOT of sugar...even in the should only be getting 15 grams A DAY and I have seen some meals with 20 or more in just 1 meal!

As I said before...I have lost 42 lbs and 8 inches..which I have never done on any other diet...and that is with LITTLE exercise...

So I would totally tell anyone, especially those with high weight that can't exercise right away, this is the diet for you!

I hope that helps anyone thinking of trying out this diet, and if you want to know more please sp mail me or you can join my group BFC sparkers
...the cool thing about this diet is you don't pay for a system...its 10 bucks for the book on amazon and you buy your own another advantage is you learn to portion your own food instead of having it done for you...

I won't be coming back to this thread because I feel that it could get ugly and I love how spark is encouraging...I don't think any of you should be discouraging someone from trying this unless you have tried it should turn them to people who have tried it and know whether it works or not...

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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7/3/13 5:47 P

It's not so much a scam because you can't lose weight on it, but it is misleading and overhyped because the marketing claims it makes simply aren't true. You can't choose where the weight you lose comes off; eating certain foods won't make you lose belly fat. Only time and overall weight loss can do that. If you lose belly fat on it, you would have lost belly fat anyway. Where you lose first is primarily determined by genetics. Not the foods you eat nor the exercises you do.

This book contains no new wisdom that no one else has discovered. I'm glad you're losing weight! That's awesome. You can lose weight on any diet. The difference is when a program tries to claim things that aren't supported by science: like eating (or not eating) certain foods will cause you to gain or lose fat in certain places.

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PINKYYSUEE Posts: 4,137
7/3/13 3:06 P

I have been doing it...and yes I am getting the nutrients that I need...all I am doing is cutting down carbs and sugar...and on top of husband who has diabetes is also doing this and had his blood drawn and it is actually helping his cholesterol and sugar...I have now lost 42 lbs in 3months...and being that I have been losing an averege of 4 lbs a week, that is not too fast...

So this is not a does work...and there are alot of people around me that have been seeing the difference and have been asking about the diet...

Check out my sparkpage if you don't think its real...i have pics of myself and you can see my progress...this is the best diet I have tried...every other diet I have tried, i hit plateaus and get frustrated...this one I have been consistently losing as long as I stick to the range.

I am sorry that you think this isn't real when you haven't even done should talk to people who have done this or are on it right now instead of just looking at the book and saying ahh, its a scam.

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (31,293)
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Posts: 2,275
7/3/13 8:04 A

No & I do not intend to read it. After losing weight & the left over skin is hanging the next best thing is having it cut off. My friend lost so much weight she was at her goal, however the extra skin hung down to her hips. It was rubbing & causung irritation which her Doctor said she can get an infection, it was raw red. Her insurance paid for her to have all that skin removed. She is tight as a drum now on her stomach she looks fabulous.Now her arms have a lot of loose skin,. Her insurance will not pay for that it is $1,500 per arm. she is saving for that.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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7/3/13 7:23 A

If it sounds to good to be true, it is.....when reading the book remember this is how you would have to live the rest of your life to sustain an ongoing weight loss. Sorry but I do think it is just another money grab.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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7/3/13 7:12 A

It is a scam because it's basically the Mediterranean diet made over and you can't target belly fat. Losing belly fat is the result of losing weight and lowering your overall body fat percentage.

That's not saying it's not a healthy diet but *they* didn't come up with the diet. Losing weight is more about calories in vs. out than anything else. Your diet may lead to overeating if you have a lot of certain foods in your diet; refined, processed, high sugar, fat etc. So when choosing a diet it is important to look for 3 things;

a) Is this diet healthy? Does it ensure I'm getting nutrient-rich foods? Is it balanced?
b) Does this diet help with satiety? (recommend healthy fats, protein, adequate fiber, whole foods, etc.)
c) Is this a diet I can see myself eating even after I lose weight? (Does it force you to cut out food groups/foods you enjoy eating, severe calorie restrictions, is it too rigid?)

Personally, I prefer a non-rigid approach to nutrition and don't follow any particular "diet". I just choose foods that are nutrient-rich, help with satiety and try to ensure my overall diet is balanced and consists of whole or minimally processed foods, watch my added sugar intake and enjoy treats in moderation. I have never followed a diet and never will. They are often times far too restrictive to maintain for life for most people.

Any diet that claims they have the magic cure for abdominal fat or are privy to some magic fat burning food or that you have to cut out certain foods/food groups to lose weight or that you will lose some insane amount of weight on their diet compared to other diets and throw numbers at you from participants of their diet 3x higher than the safe amount of 1-2 lbs/week; are just trying to make a buck.

I'm not saying you shouldn't follow this diet because from what I've read about it, it's essentially healthy and non-restrictive. You might as well just research the Mediterranean diet and save your money. Just don't get your hopes up that it will target abdominal fat. Most of the reason that some people carry more fat in their abdomen compared to others is due to genetics. Just as some people carry more fat in their thighs and bottom.

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TCANNO SparkPoints: (368,396)
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7/3/13 4:05 A

I have lost 18K and most of that is not belly fat. SP say that you can't target fat but the body decides where it is going to use it.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
7/3/13 3:11 A

I've tried eating mufas but I haven't lost any belly fat!

PINKYYSUEE Posts: 4,137
7/3/13 3:02 A

actually, it is not a scam...I have been doing the diet now for 3 months and have lost almost 40 lbs...and have lost 8 inches...I absolutely love this diet and have had the most energy then any other diet I have ever tried...I would totally recommend this to anyone, especially those that are having a hard time losing...I lose approx. 4 lbs a week and the first 2 weeks i lost 12 lbs. Another great thing is that you are not buying other food like on just by normal food from the have to pay very good attention to your carb and sugar intake...

My husband has been doing this diet also and has lost almost 40 lbs in 2 1/2 months...

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/22/13 1:24 P

It's a scam.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,581
1/22/13 1:04 P

Something that I learned from Spark is that you cannot spot reduce.

KANGLE97 Posts: 131
1/22/13 12:31 P

Anyone have any experience using The Belly Fat Cure diet? I have read the book and it seems right up my alley? Just curious if anyone else has experience with it and if so, how was it. Feedback much appreciated.

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