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2/25/14 8:03 P

I like to keep things simple too...staying under 80 grams of carbs per day is the only thing that works for me.

GIPPER1961 Posts: 766
2/25/14 2:45 P

you definitely can do it. We all have set backs. Keep at it.

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2/25/14 1:56 P

Thank you all for the great ideas and encouragement. I CAN do this !!!! emoticon

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2/25/14 12:51 P

You say yourself that you "went back to eating all the wrong foods." So you already know 95% of what you need to know.

Eat more of what you know is good for you and less or none of what you know isn't good for you. That's all you need to get started. More veggies, no empty calorie junk food. Just that information will get you to within about 10-15% of your goal weight. Once you're down to the last little bit, you'll need to make more decisions about how to pare down your calorie intake to a minimum without sacrificing nutrition, but by then you will have had some time to read the information articles here and to observe how your own body reacts to certain foods, and those choices will become fairly obvious to you.

Getting back into the habit of exercise will make everything easier, too. Exercise just makes you more clear-headed and optimistic, so the decisions about diet feel simpler. If going to the gym is a pain, even a little one, try to think of forms of exercise that don't feel like a separate workout. Can you ride a bike to work once or twice a week? Can you walk to the grocery store? What about taking a dance class, or volunteering to walk dogs for elderly or disabled neighbors? What about learning to roller skate or ski or do rock climbing? There's probably something that you've always wanted to learn to do; now's a great time!

GIPPER1961 Posts: 766
2/25/14 12:32 P

My belief is to define what foods you like and can eat for a long term. This of course does not include sugar laden foods.

After that find a way of eating that encompasses those. There are lots of them out there. If you have success eating lots of carbs including grains, beans and of course veggies the spark plan is terrific. If however you have trouble maintaining balance eating these maybe one of the lower carb plans may work for you. The lower carb plans tend to be higher fat lower carb and moderate protein.

I truly believe finding the right plan for what you can stick to is crucial to success losing weight and getting healthy.

commercial diet plans are a great start. They define what foods are included in the plan. From there you can make additions and subtractions based on your eating preferences. Personally I follow a lower carb but it doesn't conform completely to any of the commercial plans. Experimenting and seeing how it works in your body is important.

A key to all of these plans I believe is limiting sugar and limiting processed foods.

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2/25/14 12:21 P

Yeah, what EELPIE said. lol

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2/25/14 12:19 P

I don't follow "diet" plans. What I do is:

* I eat whole/healthy foods in place of crap foods. What does that mean? Well, dinner might be grilled chicken with brown rice and green beans. Or a piece of steak with peas and carrots. Or salmon with a salad and a side of brussel sprouts.

* Snacks might be something like: an apple. popcorn. roasted cauliflower, yogurt

* Lunch might be chicken breast on whole grain bread. A bowl of steamed carrots. 2 hardboiled eggs.

Nothing complicated about it - no exotic foods. Just real food. What is missing is junk food, soda, candy, etc.

You need to start tracking your food daily. It's on your nutrition tab above. You can preplan your daily food (you know your having scrambled eggs with whole grain toast for breakfast, lunch will be salad with chicken breast, snack will be yogurt, dinner will be chicken and rice) or you can do what I do and enter as you go - subtracting from the total.

Learn to read food labels to make decisions on what is healthy - what will give you the most caloric bang for your buck - or google the foods.

You begin to learn that an apple as a snack has 100 calories and fiber to help you feel more full, whereas 25 fritos have 150 calories. An apple will make you feel fuller than 25 fritos.

As far as when to eat when you are hungry, just like normal. I couldn't imagine diet that dictated to me *when* to eat.....

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2/25/14 12:19 P

Why bother with some special diet book type of diet? Why not just track on here? Spark gives you a calorie range, carbohydrate range, protein and fat range. Just enter the food you eat in the tracker and stay in the limits.

Or if you don't like counting calories Weight Watchers converts everything to points and its simple and also requires no special food.

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2/25/14 12:00 P

Hello all....
I need your help / advice. I kind of fell off the wagon last year...stopped going to the gym, went back to eatting all the wrong know the drill ; ) I am ready to get back on track !! For the past few weeks I've been reading different diet books...DASH, Fast Metabolism, etc. I need a diet that "I" can stick to. A majority of the meals in these books are too complicated...made with things I never eat.....ingredients I never heard of ! I live alone and work long hours and when I come home it's too late to cook a complicated meal. Is there something I can stick to that isn't too complicated ...something that incorporates the things that I do like to eat ( yogurt, fruit, veggies, smoothies) and tells me when to eat them ??

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