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3/19/14 9:37 A

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement!!! God bless you!

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3/19/14 9:25 A

Every single time one of us go out and challenge ourselves we are a "great athlete"! Congratulations on your success and your desire to keep challenging yourself! Roll those tired feet over a plastic bottle of frozen helps!

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3/19/14 9:24 A


WDWCHICK Posts: 907
3/19/14 8:48 A

Great job!

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3/15/14 10:36 P

Awesome!!! I am excited for you! I'm sure you will do great and the support of your husband is wonderful!! I'm sure you will enjoy it and sign up for more as I have done. Thanks for the post!

CHEWYMAMA69 Posts: 718
3/15/14 10:10 P

Way to go! I am doing my first 5K next month and I will think of your post as I walk. I have a tendon problem and will have to walk, but I have been training. My husband is walking with me and I told him that his job is to keep up. Keep walking! emoticon

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3/15/14 8:39 P

Last year, I entered a world previously unbeknownst to me, the world of the 5K. I have a good friend who convinced me to train with him and I balked for a while and then thought, it would def get me off the couch (where I spent way too much time). So we spent I think it was 10 weeks training and the first 5K was the following weekend. It was called the Urban Cow. It took me 1hr and 35 minutes to complete it. I was very ashamed of myself because I was slow and so overweight, but I did it. I immediately decided I would do another one so the Shamrock'n 5K was coming up in March 2014, (the Urban Cow was October 2013), so I signed up for it last November, lol!!! Well, it was today, March 15. I almost didn't do it because back in January, I injured my Achilles tendon and then was having trouble with my right knee while I was trying to get ready for the Shamrock. Plus, my friend wasn't going to participate and I didn't want to be out there alone, knowing I would be the slowest person and have to enter and cross the finish line well behind everyone else. I'm very self-conscious. But I had told some of my co-workers and another friend who worked along the route I'd be walking and she was going to come out and greet me, so I went. What a totally fun 5K!!! My friend decided to walk with me after all which was nice and I was surprised by two co-workers who had stationed themselves along the route with big signs with my name on them and were shouting encouragement along the way!!! That was so unexpected and made me really glad that I decided to do it. I love those ladies! Well, I got done and took pictures of all the mile markers, lol and the finish sign too!!! I'm home and happy but the feet are reminding me that I made them do something that they don't usually do. They'll just have to get used to it because the next Urban Cow is October 5. and I'm already signed up, lol!!! I keep hoping that one day, I'll be a real athlete!

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