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6/24/14 11:45 A

I eat about 60/20/20 fat/protein/carb. 10+ servings of vegetables and fruit everyday, fats and protein. It works for me.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,301
6/24/14 8:00 A

idk.... I reckon the most important thing I pay attention to, is the calorie range. And I try to get the other numbers "in the ballpark". Some days I'm little higher on the fat grams and lower on the carbs percentage. Some days I'm a little higher on the protein and lower on the fat. Depends on what we eat. The way I look at it.... it probably averages out over time. It's not necessary for me to get it all balanced out perfect, every. single. day. It just keeps me mindful of not overloading a day's meal plans with carbs and only getting, say 20 grams of protein so that little pie chart has a little bitty sliver for protein and a ginormous chunk for carbs.

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6/23/14 5:14 P

I don't know the exact ratio, I aim for 150 carb, 50 fat, and 100 protein. It's next to impossible to hit it exactly, but I get pretty close. I'm usually a little low on protein, being vegetarian makes it harder to get that much protein, so I do eat cheese and eggs that I buy locally (so I know how they were raised/treated). It comes out to be around 1400 calories, or so.

Maybe I should increase the carbs...but I am losing. I've lost 7 lbs so far.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/23/14 4:19 P

I don't even try either. If I get close, that's good enough for me emoticon

PSCHIAVONE2 SparkPoints: (20,650)
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6/23/14 4:11 P

I don't even try anymore. If I can get to 40/30/30 I call it a win. Most days more like 33/33/33. I am not a low carb guy but I do eat a lot of vegetables with some meat and some fruit. You can eat a lot of greens with very little carbs.

ERIN_POSCH SparkPoints: (442,750)
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6/23/14 3:44 P

I finally had a perfect 50/30/20 day. WHOO HOO -- it can be done!!!
Generally I'm in a 45-55 carb range and I try not to go over/under by more tha 5 either way in any category.

today was extremely great cuz i got all the calcium/fiber/sodium ranges in line along with calories and 50/30/20.... an awesome day to say the least -- as far as numbers are concerned = )

FLORADITA SparkPoints: (64,375)
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2/24/14 1:38 P

These are guidelines and if most days you are close to those ranges you are doing fine. I eat largely vegetarian and so it often shows that I am low in my fats and proteins. I use it as a reminder and a guide, one day I may be a bit lower in my protein and the next day well within the range. I like to carb a bit higher before and after competitions, I find it helps promote faster healing of my body. Learn what feels best for your body and use the spark ratios as a guide.

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EABHA70 SparkPoints: (62,065)
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2/24/14 8:57 A

I can be a little obsessed with numbers, and I certainly did get obsessed at first with the nutrition tracker numbers when I started here in January. I wanted everything just right.

Then there was that one day when my calories fell into the correct range, yet it was telling me I had somehow gone over in carbs, protein and fat. Ha ha! How can you go over in all the places you get calories, but not go over in the calories themselves??

I realized I needed to relax a little about the numbers!

KELLYFIT123 Posts: 1,312
2/24/14 8:30 A

Using the word "perfect" when it comes to diet is impossible and also disconcerting. There is no such thing, and striving for perfection will only make you unhappy. If you are getting close and eating well, you have nothing to worry about!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,923
2/24/14 6:44 A

I agree with the previous poster that you don't have to be perfect. When you track your food in the Nutrition Tracker, are you falling somewhere in the nutrient ranges that your program suggests?

Coach Jen

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
2/24/14 6:42 A

Just get close. You don't need to be exactly 50 %, just try to get 45-55%. Those ratios are a goal average, not something you need hit on the nose.

SDAILEY4 SparkPoints: (89,637)
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2/24/14 6:37 A

I'm having major trouble getting the numbers! I don't use the SP meal plans ... I know what I like to eat and it's all healthy stuff, but I can't get the perfect 50/30/20 ratios no matter what I try to do. Has anyone else had similar results? Any tips would be oh so welcome!

Have a wonderful day, Everyone!


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