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9/25/12 3:46 P

Actually going to be at the game tonight, GO O'S!!!
(bringing snacks)

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
9/25/12 9:43 A

Delicious, but that was part of the problem. Between Boog's and Crab Cakes, as well as a decent collection of craft beers, it is really good.

I went with the following plan, which I judged as successful. I brought with me a couple waters, a thing of hummus and carrots, and a bag of sunflower seeds. (I was with three other people to help me eat that stuff). I also went to Boog's at the beginning of the game and got the turkey sandwich, which is still pretty tasty. I then stuck to my snacks that I had brought. I had one beer right before the 7th inning stretch (that part was hard, especially since my family around me was drinking.) We wouldn't have cleaned up the sunflower seeds or the hummus, but the game went 14 innings.

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9/24/12 12:10 P

How's the food in Camden?

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
9/13/12 10:44 A

Believe me, I agree completely. I think the team is still shell shocked from 1997. They almost drove me away, but the exciting young players like Jones, Weiters and Machado have brought me back in.

I can't believe we are looking at not only wildcard, but actually making the playoffs legitimately. And looking at sweeping the Rays with a win today. If it is close like yesterday I may actually have a heart attack.

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9/13/12 10:29 A

It's about time the Orioles did SOMETHING, after all of those years of futility! emoticon

Just kidding- had to be said though!

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
9/13/12 8:51 A

I just want to start this by saying - Tied for first with a team that has 4 players that are paid more than our entire team. Manny Machado's play at third last night was amazing-

The other reason I am writing is to see if anyone has specific recommendations for ballpark eats at Camden Yards. I'm thinking Boogs, but I am not sure if the ballpark location has the pit turkey or not.

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