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1/3/13 7:17 P

Thanks so much for the replies :)

My WHY... I don't really have a big WHY. Many little ones, but not a big one. I think maybe that's something that I'll be thinking about for the next little while :)

I think I may save up the money I need to subscribe to one of my favourite magazines :)

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1/2/13 1:00 P

I hit that wall too, but in the last two years since I have been seeing my chiro, I also learned my BIG WHY. That is the reason that i am so inclined to get on this journey. Some of it may be mind games, so having a plan in place certainly won't hurt. But my BIG WHY is enough to push me. I can't be the best Aunty ever to my nieces and nephews if I am not healthy. So when I reach that wall, their faces are on it. The little ones are asking me to play. The older ones want to go somewhere. I can't do that if I go back to my old habits.

Don't limit yourself. The Bowflex is downstairs collecting dust-- dust it off and start using it. Do some of the strenghthening exercises on it. Keep doing the DVD's. Do some 12 minute tabata training. You don't have to be "used' to exercise. Just start moving. Ditch the excuses. Each excuse is another few pounds on the scale. It's easy to make excuses.

No one ever said this journey was easy. What they did say was that it was worthwhile.

Another way I look at it is God gave me this gorgeous self-healing body. It doesn't need meds, it doesn't need junk food, it needs sleep, it needs love and it especially needs no interference. Then I took this lovely gift and slapped it back in God's face by treating it horribly. So when that 6 week wall comes up-- I think about this gift that God gave me and what I am doing to it and stop making excuses to myself.
I don't have to exercise outside. I can pick up two soup cans and do bicep curls. I don't need to walk outside-- I can walk in my living room and do squats, lunges, and split jumps. I don't need to ride a bike outside-- i can lay on the floor and pedal my feet in the air.
I don't need fast food or convenience food, the stuff I can make is so much better for me and the extra 15 minutes it takes me to prepare a healthy dinner is so much better than the plastic food I get at McDonald's or Burger King.

So when that 6 week wall comes knocking at your door-- DON'T ANSWER IT. It's your choice. Your excuses don't belong on this journey.

Losing weight is the far down my list. I want to be healthy. Health is 100% function of body, mind and spirit with no evidence of disease. Weightloss and fitness will come with that.

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1/2/13 2:20 A

Changing it up has been what has saved me over the past year. It's taken me that long to lose almost 24 pounds because every 4-6 weeks I get tired. I feel like I should've done more, lost more, worked harder and so come up with excuses and end up gaining a few pounds back before I finally smack myself in the face going "What are you doing?! You're going to ruin it!" and so I try a new class, or find new exercises, or get out to a Zumba class to remind myself WHY I feel better when I exercise and that it can be fun and that I can do it. Sometimes you just need a change to get you over the hump. I can't say it helped me lose weight quickly, but over a year it's helping me stick with better habits when I want to give up.

Always better to be prepared, you can do it :)

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,291
1/2/13 2:07 A

Fabulous idea to have a plan in place, in advance! How about picking a reward you really really want, and basing getting it on sticking with your program? Doesn't have to be something expensive... you could set aside a couple bucks a week and save up for it, reward yourself for breaking through that wall and making it to March 1st. Maybe join a SparkTeam that has monthly challenges, especially something related to exercise? Break out that Bowflex Feb. 1st.

I think changing things up some helps with the weather/excuses thing. And it helps me to remember that just because I "always" did ... whatever... in the past, doesn't mean I'm doomed to do it again. I can chart my own course, I can change my behavior. This is a lifestyle change for me, not just a diet.

1/1/13 11:50 P

I hate that wall. Every single time I start a new weightloss program I do great until that 6 week wall hits. Then I start to make excuses to not work out, I start to not care about my eating, and I give up.

It's happened often enough now that I know it's going to happen this time, but I don't know how to push through it. I know myself well enough to know that if I can manage to push through (or climb over, or dig under, whatever) it, I'll be ok.

6 weeks from now will take me into the middle of February; still winter out so still cold enough to make me avoid the outdoors... I'll still be broke by then so I won't be able to afford the gym.

I exercise at home using the Walk Away the Pounds dvds, and I have a bowflex sitting in the basement collecting dust (not adding that till I'm back in the swing of working out regularly).

Any suggestions? Should I add something new to my routine like pilates or yoga? Or should I look into trying a new dvd (zumba perhaps? I'm not big on dancing, but it looks fun)?

I want to have a plan ready BEFORE the wall comes up so that I'm fully prepared and know what I'm going to do when it comes.

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