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10/9/12 12:21 A

Saturday I bought myself a brand new elliptical trainer, got it home and even put it together myself. I think hubby was kinda upset with me for getting it, as he is trying to get newer tires for his truck. But I warned him last week that I was getting it. After getting it all together I was tired, but got on it for about 2 1/2 minutes, no strange sounds. Promised I would get on it Sunday.

Sunday, woke up, with a plan to pull a few veggies from the garden for a Ham Dinner we were having at FIL's. Looked out at the garden and oh crap, had frost so had to pull everything. 3 hours later all was harvested. Made Zucchini Muffins too, 50% whole wheat flour used. Dinner wasn't so pleasant. May never go there again. Hoped it would be better without FIL so to be ex-wife there, but it wasn't.

Monday, well tired, couldn't sleep in, have another dinner to do up, this time Turkey with MIL visiting. Made a Pumpkin Pie, and was too tired I had to take a nap. Early dinner. Sore thighs from all that work in the garden.

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10/8/12 7:36 A

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yesterday I made my hubby a cinnamon loaf. I love the smell, but I'm not having any. I enjoy the fact that he likes it.

Today, I have a slow cooker and a roaster going. Salt meat & peas pudding in the slow cooker - veggies get added later (yes, we're in NL, and for him the salt meat is traditional).

There's a duck in the roaster, that I stuffed earlier (won't be having any of the stuffing, likely - but he loves it). We got the duck locally at a Farmer's Market recently, and kept it in the freezer.

Small celebration, but nice to have a day off.

Later today, I'll be making some GF muffins so he can take to share with his class (one is GF; so I make them that all can enjoy). Today's version is an adaptation of the Cinnamon Loaf that I made him yesterday (but in this case, GF).

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10/7/12 9:43 P

I feel the same way. I know its not possible to be "perfect" all of time. There are awesome days and not so great days. But as long as the goods out weigh the bad, then that is what matters. Keep up the great work!

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10/7/12 9:35 P

here in Canada. I've been walking the dog and doing pretty good at staying on track until this evening I overate some and had some dessert. Tomorrow I am cooking the turkey and plan on having the basics for supper and for dessert -- pie. No junk food for snacks in the house.

Even though everything isn't as good as it could be I'm still happy with how I'm doing this long weekend. I say emoticon to myself.

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