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3/23/13 6:05 P

Because you have a health issue, your Dr and a Dietitian are the best sources for your queries - they are the ones qualified.

Good Luck,

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3/23/13 5:46 P

this is a question for your doctor. when you have medical issues you no longer fit into the general advice category, which means you need to be working with your doc to figure out what is best for you based on where you are. your doc can work with you to help you figure out if high fat works with your medical issues or if you will need to eat higher in carbs because of the kidney issues. since you have issues which are typically solved with lower carb and lower protein solutions that kinda means fat is going to go way up. where is going to be determined by how your body is reacting, thus meaning your doctor needs to be in on the loop to help you tweak exactly where you should be. since your pancreas is actually working and your kidneys aren't so much, eating more carbs [but being choosier about which ones] may be the way to go. again, it's going to depend on how your body reacts to things, which means your doctor.

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3/23/13 5:42 P

when it comes to medical conditions, it is always best to check with a health care professional.

I also know Spark offers a plan for diabetics, you may want to check into that.

Best of luck to you!

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3/23/13 5:34 P

Thanks to those of you who responded to my earlier message regarding how to keep track of my nutrition goals. I sure appreciate it!! Here's the basic problem. I'm a 5'8" female, age 59, I weigh 200 lbs. I want to get down to 155 lbs. I am eating 75 mgs. per day of protein, as I have only one kidney (it's healthy, thank God)....I am sticking to 1500 mg. per day of sodium, which is an excellent number to shoot for....I have excellent blood pressure...usually around 117/ PROBLEM is I cannot find any informational site that can tell me how many carbs I should eat per day......I would love to know a "safe" amount to eat, so I can get myself out of the "pre-diabetic" zone......With my weight, height and other information I've provided, can anyone give me an idea of how many carbs to limit myself to per day? Thanks so much for listening.....I appreciate this site so much!!!!! emoticon

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