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HVERONE441 Posts: 19
8/9/11 9:17 P

HAha, no problem, I hear ya with the charts. It says I am supposed to weigh 155. Thats what I was in high school, and I looked like I didnt eat back then. I have to admit that I struggled this past week, still exercising, but going over by about 50-100 calories every few days. Annoying, but gotta keep goin. Ahh well! Later!

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/6/11 10:45 A

oh man, I'm sorry!! LOL! I didn't even read your sparkpage first, sorry. Thanks for the compliment. I didn't post any pictures of my whole body. I guess I should, huh, so that I can keep track of then and now. I only have 15 more pounds to lose. I have natually wide hips so I guess I'm an hourglass figure, IDK. I just know that I would look scary if I got down to 115lbs like the chart says. I look my best at 135 pounds. I guess because the wide hips. There's nothing I can do about that, though, unless I have hip surgery.LOL.

HVERONE441 Posts: 19
8/5/11 11:51 P

Hey Amy, thanks for the advice, very helpful. I had to laugh though when you said you go girl. I am the dude in the picture, sorry, just had to laugh,, good stuff. Your pictures look great , are you trying to loose alot? Anyway, your advice is awesome, I have always been in goood shape from hockey and baseball, but older now, and with 2 little kiddies runnin around, they zapped my energy. Been doing well for three weeks, but struggled a little this week. Thanks again, your info is great,

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/5/11 6:19 P

you go girl. That's what these message boards are all about,supporting one another. I have found that my biggest obstacle of all has been PATIENCE. I am mastering the art of patience as one poster had told me to do. See, that helped me already, and I am steadily losing 2 pounds a week at 1200 calories. I still eat what I want, and yes, that includes junk food, I just don't go over 1200 calories. And also, after reading 10,000 articles I have learned to listen to myself and what works for me. 1200 calories a day of whatever I want, that way, when I come off the diet, I won't binge on the foods I've missed because I've been eating them. Does that make sense? Anyway, sorry for the long post. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

HVERONE441 Posts: 19
8/5/11 6:03 P

Thanks to all who responded to me. This message board is very helpful!! This was actually a tough week for me. I did not go crazy with eating. I did have a cheesesteak, but everything I do in regards to ordering out, everything is a small now, as opposed to large as before. So I am glad if I am ordering out sometimes, I am at least ordering small. In my little tiny brain it makes sense...go figure!

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