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3/29/13 12:20 A

I've had unexplained hairloss since I was about 11. Every once in a while large chunks fall out. It does grow back but every once in a while it will grow in white (I'm brunette, normally) so I just call it middle-age punk and say I did it on purpose. More often than not it is stress related, but not always.

The links provided are helpful and I hope your friend finds something that stops the problem, but sometimes there isn't a solution. (Sorry. Not trying to be a downer, just letting you know my experience.)

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3/28/13 9:53 P

Thanks for the topic. Very informative!

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3/28/13 3:36 P

Is this friend under any unusual stress ? excess stress can cause a woman's hair to fall out prematurely. Do the women in your friend's family have thin hair or have any of them noticed that their hair started thinning as they aged ? Genetics plays a part in hair loss as we age. So, if your friend comes from a family of women who've had thinning hair as they aged, she may be out of luck.

If she has some extra money, she could consider Rogaine. I'm sure results vary. So do some homework before buying.

If your friend doesn't want to wear a wig, hair extensions might be a possibility too. There are some that clip on instead of having to be woven in.

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3/28/13 12:46 P

I too am having issues with hair loss. When I shampoo, handfuls of hair come out. Thanks to everyone here for the advice!
Good luck to your friend. I'm sure it can be solved!

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
3/28/13 12:39 P

my hair falls out a lot, especially when I shampoo and blow-dry, but I still have a lot of hair. They say the average person loses about 100 strands per day.

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3/28/13 11:48 A

Who isn't emoticon

3/28/13 11:45 A

I passed all the links on to her and some of the replies. She thanked me and said she'll make an appointment with her doctor about the hairloss.
Thanks again, she was embarrassed to talk to other women about it and I am bald (sorta by choice) but knew that women losing hair is a BIG issue.

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3/28/13 10:42 A

My mom has had to deal with thinning hair, and she found that her thyroid was low, and that is one of the symptoms. Once she started on medication for her thyroid, her hair gradually started to return to normal.

JOANIEBUG46 Posts: 4,214
3/28/13 10:35 A

Hair loss can be hormonal changes, sluggish thyroid, result of excessive stress, a medication . . . all sorts of things. First check with a doctor and if he/she clears you, then I would suggest one of the shampoos designed for hair loss (such as Nioxin) and a good hair, skin and nails supplement. I've had terrific success with this.

DLBROWN93 Posts: 889
3/28/13 10:28 A

Not sure if it's hair loss or hair thinning. My hair is not as full and thick as it was in my teens and twenties.

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
3/28/13 8:31 A

You've gotten some pretty great advice, already. I also recommend some elective blood work to see if she's deficient on anything. Taking daily multivitamins cannot hurt. Massaging the scalp with extra virgin olive oil, wearing a bandanna or do-rag or silk scarf on days when she doesn't have to go anywhere was recommended by a hair dresser once. If she's been particularly stressed, taking up yoga couldn't hurt either.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,460
3/28/13 7:15 A

In Depth info from mayo clinic

Women's Hair Loss Slideshow: Thinning Hair Causes and Solutions

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3/28/13 5:20 A

Various things can cause hair loss with stress being one of the most common. Yet I would recommend your friend go to her doctor and then get a referral to a professional. I know that hormonal changes such as perimenopause and menopause cause thinning and loss...may just be a hormonal imbalance....they will probably do a blood test first

Hope this helps

3/28/13 4:43 A


BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/27/13 7:15 P

I had trouble mid-30's with suddenly-my-hair-falling-out-like-crazy...
. it was crazy!!! and eventually was determined to be a severe protein deficit in my diet (I was losing weight and strength training and NOT watching my protein intake, which turned out to be extremely extremely way too low - improved my protein intake and voila, no more excessive hair loss and it all came back in just fine).

A co-worker (mid 40's) had trouble with extreme thinning hair that could not be resolved. She ended up getting a wig. You can't tell she's wearing a wig, and her hair always looks FABULOUS.

3/27/13 6:24 P

Someone close to me thinks they are losing their hair and she's worried. Any words of wisdom on this topic would be appreciated.

Friday March 29, 2013: Thanks for your replies!

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