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KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
3/27/13 8:24 A

kids are kids, it's hard to say what is their motive. personally, I don't text and push the ignore button whenever I get one.

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3/26/13 10:44 P

I look at it this way....the major attraction of text messaging is that you neither have to reply nor immediately interrupt what you are doing to get the message. If I need/expect an immediate reply, I don't text....I call. If they don't answer their phone, I might leave a text, but I woudln't expect an immediate reply.

I hate talking to people on the phone and sometimes will answer a text but ignore a phone call, because it's easier to end a text conversation and I have friends who will talk your ears off on the phone.

I used to love texting when I had my iphone, but now i just have a regular old cell phone that I hate typing on, so I avoid it mostly lol

JODNEX Posts: 1,815
3/26/13 2:03 P

Yeah I'm not saying response should be immediate, but when you know people have their phone with them all the time and they can't be bothered to answer a specific question in a day or two or EVER, that''s rude.

I had a text from a friend a few days ago, which I didn't see until 11pm. She was asking for specific advice about buying walking shoes. I intentionally didn't answer it that night in case she keeps her phone by the bed. I didn't want to wake her :)

LOPTR27 SparkPoints: (16,170)
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3/26/13 1:10 P

I don't mind if people don't respond back immediately. I don't expect them to drop what they're doing and immediately reply to me. If I needed a quick response, I wouldn't have texted. The only thing that does bother me is text speak. When people are too lazy to spell out a word, I really don't want to deal with them. I'll send a message back saying I don't understand. Once I even texted back in German just to get the point across that I had no idea what they were trying to say and to stop using "shortcuts." I don't mind things like LOL or GTFO so much depending on how they're used. But "win r u 2 b watever" just makes me want to stop talking to that person.

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3/26/13 11:40 A

I hated texting at the beginning. My argument was that actually talking to someone a phone call was all you need. However, now that my grandkids (and my kids as well text me, I have changed my attitude to my surprise.

That being said, to try to text while driving is STUPID IN SO MANY WAYS. So are other acts like tuning the radio or looking at a map just for example. 5 seconds away from actually driving is a lifetime - or the end of a lifetime.

if I receive a call while driving and even though my car is equipped with blue tooth sync with my phone, if it is a call that will require more than just casual chit chat, I will look for a place where I can pull off the road to give the call the attention it deserves.

AMALLECO SparkPoints: (11,422)
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3/26/13 11:36 A

I think I have an addiction to my phone... emoticon

3/26/13 11:03 A

other than the obvious of driving, walking and drinking while txting I'm pretty good about the other stupid cell quirks others have.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
3/26/13 10:55 A

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read:

You are not driving a phone booth! Hang up!

My pet peeve about cell phones is that customers will come in my shop and be on the phone and I have to wait on them to hang up before I can help them. It's gotten to a point where I just walk away.

JODNEX Posts: 1,815
3/26/13 8:49 A

I get frustrated by that too. I generally answer texts as soon as I can, but think a lot of people, especially younger people, do it on their terms IF they feel like answering at all, which is usually NOT.

If you think about it, texting is just another form of communication. In face-to-face communication, it is rude to not answer somebody talking directly to you. Likewise, I think it's rude to blow off a text message or for that matter a voice message.

3/26/13 8:21 A

Sometimes that bothers me and sometimes I don't mind. It depends on the situation usually. However, if I text someone because they are late, not where they are supposed to be, etc, and I am worried about them, then it drives me mad when they don't reply quickly. Luckily, only one of my three boys has a cell phone. My 19 year old is on our plan, but he pays for his own usage. His room is in the basement, so sometimes his phone has spotty coverage depending on what part of the basement he is in when I message him. But usually he is very prompt with his replies. And yes, sometimes our family will text each other or message one another while on the computer, even if we are all in the same room. We got used to doing that when my mother in law lived with us because there were things we wanted to discuss privately.

Here is a question on the same topic. I have sons and no daughters. To those of you who have both, do you find boys or girls less likely to reply to your texts quickly?

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
3/26/13 7:31 A

Texting is a form of communication - as a communicator I appreciate it's capabilities and limitations.

We live in an age where people don't answer their phone, but may reply to a text. They don't answer their door, but they'll check to see who's there. They may not make eye contact, but they'll laugh at you if you slip on the street... If you don't say hello first, they'll say nothing...and sometimes if you ask them out they'll pretend like they're going to be sick.

Technology rules the lives of so many people we must adapt to what method of communication works best to connect with them. And yet still sometimes if they don't respond the process breaks down and we must find another way to get the message out.

Technology has advanced faster and farther than the age old relationship between parents and kids. They don't always respond (the parent or the kid) - that's been the unspoken rule forever I think. Yet because of technology and "instant" messaging, we expect instant results.

Kids will be kids, parents will be parents, and that's how it goes.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (360,907)
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3/26/13 5:50 A

I use text when it is not worth an email.

Being in computers and IT for 15 year and having to answer email ASAP it becomes habit unless I am driving or talking to someone.

I someone doesn't answer they must be busy too

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
3/26/13 12:59 A

I don't believe in texting we all still talk to one another, only time I text hubby is when he's at work and that's to say I love you... technology is making people so ignorant I can't stand it when your out with another couple and all they r doing is texting very rude....

3/26/13 12:55 A

texting, like chocolate, is perfectly fine in appropriate moderation.

3/25/13 9:13 P

With two daughters, I have to know "text." We rarely speak words to each other voice-to-voice unless we are together, and even then, I have to talk over their texting to others. I get annoyed when I can't get them to text back, so I resort to calling them, in which case they then think it's an emergency, and I get chewed out. If I don't text back right away, then they wonder if I'm OK and they try again and again, and I get chewed out. I remember my parents not knowing where I was often, or what time I would roll in (no cell phones back then), so I take what I can get -- texts, texts, texts. OMG, they do remain my BFF's though. LOL! (I do keep a good sense of humor about the whole ordeal though. I'm always razzing them about their ways -- makes us all laugh -- and lose calories too!)

And I follow the rule of never texting until I can too.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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3/25/13 5:52 P

Just to take this pet peeve is when teenagers "speak Text" to answering a funny joke with LOL etc. I sometimes feel like I am in the wrong century....I have a cell phone and guess just makes calls and takes messages as it is 10 years old.

It only gets used for emergencies

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/25/13 5:18 P

bother talking face to face

I was sitting with my sister and niece at the table one day. My phone dings as does my sisters. It is a text from my niece who was sitting right next to us. We both looked up, eyes rolled and said "seriously?" The same child (18 years old) will IM her mother if they are both on the computer. My sister has one and she got an older one for the kids. She keeps hers locked, but the kids is open. They are both on the dining room table because my sister keeps an eye on what they surf. Again my sister will refuse to IM back since she is right there. She will get the whiny im message, Moooooooooooooooooom aren't you going to answer?"

so to answer-- no they do not bother talking face to face. I saw two teenagers texting themselves in the store the other day. They were walking next to each other.

My phone is for emergencies even though I do have a texting plan. My one year old nephew texts me all the time complaining about how much attention he is not getting. (he is using daddy's phone). Those are the best because he always sends a picture too.

IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
3/25/13 5:06 P

I agree that if it is normal for you to answer back right away, people will probably wonder what happened when you don't. I'm going to make a confession here, as a 25 year old female, I can have my phone in my hand and I will get a text message, I pretty much always (unless it's my husband) wait a couple minutes before responding just so I don't seem like I am desperately clinging to my phone haha. (Unless I am in a conversation with someone and it is important to go back and forth quickly) Most of the time my phone is not right next to me and with some people I treat it like email - I send them a message and they reply when they are able. Everyone is different in the way that they use them.

Your child texted you that they love you? I wouldn't get upset about how they wrote it. It's the thought that counts right? :)

DEBLYM SparkPoints: (4,435)
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3/25/13 4:52 P

they expect you to answe back immediately because you usually do :) i and my friends, family use texting mostly as a messaging service, no one expects an immediate answer, or any answer at all. i have a friend who sometimes doesnt answer until the next day. she doesnt have her phone attached to her hand and i know that and expect a delay. if i want an answer i do something novel......pick up the phone and call. lol

when i had teenagers and i sent a text requiring an answer i would expect one quickly (because i knew their phones were nearby AT ALL TIMES) and if i felt blown off their was a 'talk' for them to look forward to when they got home. texting is really handy, but has to be kept in context. sorry but im not going to answer asap i have other things to do., if its that important, call me. :) there IS a place for text messaging and im glad it exists. btw im 42 and i get ahold of my 72 year old mom much faster by text than any other way.

3/24/13 8:59 P

LOL, garbeled txt msg = DRUNK txting

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,487
3/24/13 7:26 P

I admit.....I am texting illiterate......
and I am not a cell phone junkie.
I keep wondering if the people physically attached to the constant contact bother talking face to face...when they've been sending msgs and talking to each other ALL day long.

Years ago, I used to get indignant when I witnessed people driving and reading their papers WHILE driving. This text msg business totally amazes me. And I do get annoyed when they drive over the yellow lines (from the opposite direction) and look like their going to come into my lane.

but back to texting.... did anyone read the article from on
{...I thought all text msgs were garbled...}
I've got dystextia

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I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
3/24/13 7:23 P

I have two daughters, one is 22, the other is 17. My oldest did what yours is doing, and guess what she turned out so very beautiful. She is now a great wife, mother, and very respectful daughter. I still get all happy when she beats me to say I love you to me first before we hang up the phone or part after we spend time together.. Her holiday cards are so expressive and she is always saying sorry I was a brat, you were and are the best mom etc, etc.... My youngest replies my text but with a funny smart as* way, but it makes me laugh so she gets no slack lol. last week she had me cracking up on her texts. One read Mom I will be home to eat, fart and leave, tonight is the talent show lol. The other one read my teacher loves you , he said "wow you did a lot of online work last week", she replied yeah my mom nags at me lol teacher says "good, then asked the class why arent their parents getting on them to do their work". I get messages that say chill I'm alive, or that's dumb etc. No big deal really. I know she will be just fine like her older sister and her Mama. The three most mportant things is how is their Mom because she is the biggest influence on them being same sex parent. Where are they at night. What kind of friends do they hang with.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (589,274)
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Posts: 16,741
3/24/13 7:18 P

I only reply to important text messenges.

3/24/13 6:46 P

Oh yeah, I'm good with that. However, Ashley, my 25 year old co-worker who expects me to msg her back asap, well, it'll be a bit more difficult to take her phone away.

KCDEEE Posts: 2,267
3/24/13 6:28 P

Don't get mad. BUT.... they are 13 and 17 and I'm guessing YOU are paying the bills. "IF" they don't answer as you like, take the phone away. We will never get respect if we don't demand it. ......... Now if this is the worst of your issue with your children.. You will look back on this as "What was I thinking"................
And yes I raised two children .... there were not cell phone at the time but they certainly had to let me know where they were and when they would be home and phone numbers. OR... we don't go.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
3/24/13 5:36 P

yeah - this is why my phone

a. is for emergencies
b. rarely gets turned on
c. does not get used to send text messages
d. will likely not be replaced except when I have to do so

REBCCA SparkPoints: (416,921)
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Posts: 22,841
3/24/13 4:32 P

Your post finds me affirming my decision to block txt messaging from and to my phone.

3/24/13 4:24 P

We all are in agreement that txt messaging while driving, walking or drinking is bad and can cause harm to innocent people.

So, I kinda got this pet peeve and remember that I said "I" got this problem. When I recieve a txt msg from anyone (and seriously, I mean ANYONE), I reply as soon as it's possible for me to do so. I even have a stand-by messaging saying I can't reply right now but I'll get back to you. And I do. (again, not while driving, walking or drinking).

That said, it seems that my txt msgs go unanswered indefinitely. Well, to my kids and my "young" friends (under 30) that is.

But If I don't reply to THEIR txt msgs IMMEDIATELY I start to get whiney follow up txt msgs like where are you? or are you mad at me? or put that hamburger down and answer me.

Well LAH-DEE-FREAKIN-DAH!!!!! Why do the young (seems to me) do they NOT reply? So I asked my oldest (17) why she doesn't reply. Her first response was she never seems to get it and I txt her right as soon as we were talking and I hear from her smarta$$ phone.

Me: o_O!?

Me: Hmmmmmm!? What-was-that!? I said.

Her: Dad, your messages are SO lame, I don't answer them because they are stupid questions.

Me: Ok, so is my money that pays for that phone stupid, too?

Her: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.......(follow
ed by the steepest roll eyes ever)

So I turn to the 14 year who just then sent me a txt and my phone goes saying she loves me but it's a capital "I" followed by a less than sign followed by a "3" and a capital "U".


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