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ABSCHICK Posts: 31
12/8/11 9:54 P

Please tell me this is true, "One meal over your calorie limit is not going to cause you to gain weight."
I just over eat today. I feel stressed and tired after a long day of work and I decided to eat non-stop. I hope I won't gain too much weight this week....

ABSCHICK Posts: 31
12/8/11 9:52 P

Ha ha you are just like me. My steak is always RED! My Hubby always said, "that is so gross!" But i love it!

ABSCHICK Posts: 31
12/8/11 9:50 P

filet mignon or sirloin? Which one tastes better? I bet both of them have the same calories and fat count?

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
12/7/11 9:42 P

Don't stress over this.

Since they don't have nutritional information. I would go to a similar restaurant like Longhorn and see if I could find comparable items.

Stay on the low end of your ranges all week and even after to get it all to average out.

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12/7/11 8:34 P

One meal isn't going to break you. I would suggest that the worst thing you could get at a Texas roadhouse that would not be worth the calories is the while breads and potatoes. When I am faced with a not-so-healthy meal, I at least make sure that it is yummy. And that lame while bread is kind of a waste of time when compared to all the other things you could be eating at a place like that.

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12/7/11 6:10 P

And don't forget you've still got Thursday and Friday to eat at the lower end of your range (not below your range, though!) so that your weekly average stays in the recommended zone!

FITCHALLENGER SparkPoints: (0)
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12/7/11 6:01 P

A salad, grilled vegetables, mushrooms or onions, and a sirloin steak is maybe the best and leanest option.

That is my usual weekend meal, grilled by myself. emoticon

... and I just got hungry!

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BDD923 SparkPoints: (6,407)
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12/7/11 2:03 P

Texas Roadhouse is actually a great option! Serloin steak is not terribly high in calories. They have light dressings and I love their baked potatoes!

Let yourself have fun for one meal. You don't have to go overboard, but I definitely wouldn't "stress" over one meal!

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
12/7/11 1:23 P

First, it would take a lot of over eating to gain weight from one meal.

Second, don't' even let them put those rolls on the table. I ate there one time and found the nutrition info after; the rolls have hundreds of calories and are are better off snacking on the peanuts they give you over the rolls.

Third, if you love steak then get the steak. It's really not that calorie heavy especially if you select a lean cut.

12/7/11 12:56 P

If it were ME (and I know what meets my needs/desires doesn't apply to all) I'd get the Country Veg Platter where you get to pick 4 sides. I'd pick salad, a sweet potato, and 2 servings of fresh vegetables.

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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12/7/11 12:30 P

6oz sirloin (I eat mine rare)
Mixed veggies (no butter)
Sweet Potato w/ butter on the side

That won't break the calorie bank at all. Their rolls are fantastic so if you want to splurge on something, that would be it.

I will also tell you their Prime Rib is fantastic, but it is not diet friendly unless you are low-carbing it.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
12/7/11 11:48 A

I konw that Texas Roadhouse does not provide nutritional info on their website. However, I have done Google searches on them before and found some websites that seemed to have some fairly reliable info. I would try doing that. Stick to a plain baked or sweet potatoes or plain veggies and a smaller steak. You could also probably get some sort of salad with no or light dressing and some of the extras off. Just remember, one meal over your calorie limit is not going to cause you to gain weight, so don't stress too much.

INSIDEOUT2010 Posts: 572
12/7/11 11:44 A

I would first try to visit the website ahead of time to see if nutrition info is provided and the healthier options they have. If no info is provided, I would go with a lean grilled meat with no toppings or condiments (if portion size is not provided eat an amount equal to the size of a deck of cards) steamed veggies and half a roll. I'm a bread lover myself so I will usually find a way to budget in some bread.

ABSCHICK Posts: 31
12/7/11 11:36 A

Hi all,
I am planning on going to the Texas Roadhouse on the weekend. I am wondering what I can eat and still keep my current weigh. I love steak and I can probably stay away from their rolls.
Please give me some suggestions. Thanks!
See what I have gone through this year: emoticon

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