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4/7/13 3:28 P

If you're eating more protein, it's not surprising that you don't feel as hungry. I wouldn't put it down to your metabolism.

Your metabolism will slow as you lose, but you can do a few things to mitigate the damage:
-avoid limiting your calories so much that your intake is much more than 200 calories below your burn
-don't shoot for a calorie deficit every single day - eat at maintenance some days
- keep your metabolism primed with green tea and spices like ginger, chillies, black pepper etc.

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4/7/13 3:25 P

Your metabolism has nothing to do with your body. It has more to do with the food you put in your body. A car is to your body as gasoline and oil to food. If you put water down gasoline in the engine it will slow the car down or it will start missing. You must make sure to eat nutrition dense foods that avoid high sugar, high fat, high carbs. This web site gives you all the information to make the best food choices to rev up your metabolism.

You also need to work the car or your body to run more effeciently and this will rev your metabolism.

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4/7/13 2:22 P

the biggest contributor to a slowed metabolism is just a lighter body, isn't it? so losing weight will lead to a slower metabolism by definition. It's just the trade you make.

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4/7/13 12:18 P

i hate to break it to you, but if you're over about 24 years old, your metabolism is already slowing. 24 is right around the point where you start burning fewer and fewer calories each year as your body just stops repairing and replacing stuff. the good news is that while your metabolism is slowing, it's a tiny difference. we're talking 5-10 cals per day difference per year past that point. so while you can't help any of that, being more active is what you can do as a counterbalance, which you are already doing.

as far as 1600-1800 being too little, well, how many calories do you burn in a day? there isn't a base universal line when it comes to energy expenditure [the 1200 and 1500 minimums for women and men are nutrient minimums] because everyone is different. if you're working on vanity pounds you probably don't want to be creating a deficit greater than about 200 cals. so if your daily burn is in the 1800-1900 range, you're where you want to be. if your daily burn is 3000 cals a day, you're eating way too little. it's not a big deal if you're a few hundred calories off on the day to day, but make sure that your calorie expenditures and calorie intake are averaging pretty close together with the expenditures being just a little higher than the intake if you are trying to lose.

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4/7/13 10:59 A

I get the worry, but at 1600-1800 calories you're probably not going to see any significant change.

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4/7/13 8:28 A

Your metabolism does slow when you're on a calorie deficit for a prolonged period of time. If you only have a few vanity pounds to lose it will be marginal at worst. That's why we have to take our time returning to maintenance calorie needs when we're done losing. You'll also burn less cals, the less you weigh. But really, if you only have a couple pounds to lose, you shouldn't worry about it and it's not like it won't be corrected as you ease back into maintenance slowly. Just make sure you're strength training and don't go below -20% TDEE for your calorie intake (lose slowly). You could also try calorie cycling where you eat -20% TDEE 3 days and then have 1 day where you eat at maintenance.

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4/7/13 8:20 A

Perhaps this is completely irrational of me, but I am very worried that, somehow, my metabolism is going to drop or that it already has. Despite "dieting," I'm definitely not as hungry as I "felt" before I started tracking calories--and it may have been psychological/appetite. I am eating more protein than before and drinking more fluids, so perhaps that's it, but I guess I'm just surprised . . . and so, of course, my silly brain is trying to rationalize what's up, too, hence the metabolism worries. I'm keeping my calories between 1600-1800 a day. I am extremely active, as I'm a fitness instructor plus squeeze in my own workouts when I can plus adding in as much daily steps/activity as possible--just trying to lose some vanity pounds. Should I be concerned about my metabolism dropping?

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