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8/22/14 7:55 A

emoticon emoticon

JPSMILE12 Posts: 1
8/21/14 11:37 A

I really liked your post. I'm the same way. If I sit down, I'm not getting up. :) Thanks so much for sharing. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

EZBHOEFER SparkPoints: (2,189)
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8/19/14 12:20 P

I am an instructional coach at an elementary school. I know that the toughest part for me is that time right after school and when I first get home - do I stop to run errands or do chores.....or get right into my workout? I really like your idea of having a protein bar as soon as your workday is done - and then start your workout immediately before doing any chores. I think your idea will help keep me focused on the exercise goal and handle those hunger pains at the same time (which probably aren't really hunger pains anyway! lol) emoticon

CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
8/16/14 7:57 P

I'm a high school teacher and I work out for 30 minutes in the morning. I'm an early riser though. I have invested in a number of DVDs with 10 and 15 minute workouts. I also work on the third floor, so I walk the stairs all day. I don't know about your school but mine promotes healthy teachers. One teacher has a spin class on Tuesday after school. Another teaches yoga. I hope the teacher who teaches Zumba resumes her workouts.

LJBRANDOK Posts: 183
8/16/14 7:23 P

As soon as the final bell rings, I eat a high protein bar to help fight the after-school crash. Then, as soon as I get home I get into my work out clothes and head to the Y. If I stop at home to do any chores, I get distracted, and it gets harder to get back out the door. If I sit down, I KNOW I won't head back out. I have made my work out the priority and not all the other errands/chores that can get in the way.

BOOKGAL806 Posts: 9
8/13/14 12:30 P

I will be going back for inservice days on the 20th, kids start on the 25th. Luckily, since I am a librarian, I stay active by shelving books (lots of bending/lifting!) Like many others, I pack all my food for the next day. I do it the night before, in case I am running late in the morning. Those 100 calorie almond and snack packs make it extra easy. My big shortcoming is exercise- I always plan on doing something aerobic after I get some from school. Some days I am so tired, though, it just doesn't happen! How do you all deal with the after-school crash? emoticon

WINDYCITYCYNDEE SparkPoints: (97,006)
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8/12/14 9:35 P

I am realizing lately how much I let myself be still and sit and I don't have to. Yeah, we have office hours, but also a lot of beautiful grounds and I can break up walks into 5-10 minutes throughout the day. It's going to be an interesting challenge.

NEREA_72 Posts: 283
8/10/14 10:30 A

I'm a teacher too! My school is about 2.5 km away (about 1.6 miles) from home and since I don't drive, I always cycle or walk to school. when I'm there I never take the lift, but always use the stairs. And of course, to manage my class of 25 to 30 teenagers I cannot sit down, so I stay and walk around the classroom all the time! emoticon
If I have staff meetings or anything in the afternoon, I pack my lunch and if the weather is fine, I take the chance of the break to have a walk in the neighborhood.

BDJOHNSON SparkPoints: (224,943)
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8/10/14 8:47 A

I park on the opposite side of the building where my classroom is located, and this makes me get some extra walking time in. I usually am a morning lark that gets her exercise completed in the morning, but the idea of breaking your routine into manageable ten-minute chunks is brilliant. Keep on trucking! Enjoy your first days back on the other side of the desk.

EDELWEISS33 Posts: 2,019
8/7/14 6:38 P

I start before I get out of bed doing a couple crunches & pushups. saves my butt from the floor pain.
Sometimes as a substitute, I get assigned to a school that I can walk to.
Then sometimes I get to run around the track with the kids. When they go to PE, I am right there trying to workout too. be it basketball, stretching, whatever.

CHERYLE51 Posts: 2,991
8/7/14 10:54 A

These are all wonderful suggestions. I work as a secretary at a Jr. High. I have been working all summer, but we start on August 25th and all the stress will be back at that time.

MARGARITTM Posts: 6,083
8/6/14 10:37 A

breaking up the work out and planning small meals is perfect!

8/5/14 4:37 P

I'm also a HS teacher - I go back after labor day. All of the suggestions posted are great. A couple of things I do: I pack everything I'm going to eat that day including snacks/treats. This keeps me from the vending machines. I take 15 min of my planning to walk once around the track. Since my planning is the last period of the day, this is a great stress buster. I even do it in the winter but not in the rain :) I take the stairs, and I park as far away from the building as possible. One other thing is I take my workout gear w/ me and stop at the gym on my way home. I find that if I go home, I probably won't go back out except to walk the dog. Good luck & have a great school year!

SONYALATRECE SparkPoints: (99,404)
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8/5/14 9:43 A

Being a single parent, I have to manage my time around assisting my children and cooking including working out at home if need be. My gym membership will kick in more on the weekends and after work as I can. "No excuses attitude" in tow.

MJREIMERS Posts: 7,527
8/5/14 9:23 A

Breaking up your workout into smaller periods of time works. I start back to work/school tomorrow, I teach special ed, and another teacher and I walk every morning. She is slower than I am, but I still get in a walk. Then, I usually walk the dogs at night and/or get in a run.

If you take 15 minutes of your plan time, lunch time, before school, after school, etc. it will add up! Then, use your time on the weekends to get in a longer period of exercise.

I admire your meal prep. I need to be better about that, but my family doesn't always "see things my way."

Have a good beginning to the school year and good luck!

DARKCHILD Posts: 4,417
8/4/14 3:36 P

Try breaking up your workout. Can you get up 15 minutes earlier and do some ST or walking and then maybe walk 10 mins. of your lunch and then 15 minute walk around the building before you go home. No one said you had to do it all at once, get it in wherever you can fit it all adds up.

MOM2JTD3 SparkPoints: (29,806)
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8/4/14 9:02 A

maybe try to find someone (another teacher?) who you can motivate each other.. walk the halls during breaks or come in 10 minutes early to walk the halls together... also the biggest thing i do when i get home from work (i am up at 5, work 615 to 215 in a kitchen i cook, then i pick up my 2 year old) i put on my workout clothes. it then gives me a push like hey i am already dressed! lets go! i put my little one down for a nap at 230 usually and then work out!

LJBRANDOK Posts: 183
8/3/14 2:45 P

My advice is to make time for exercise immediately. After the craziness of the summer, I'm always glad to get back to the routine of the school year. I go to the gym for an hour after school most days, even after meetings. I've found that I do some of my best thinking and planning there while the problems are fresh in my mind. I also feel a lot better burning off some of the stress-especially in those insane beginning-of-a-new-year weeks. What I most appreciate is the restrictive eating during the school year. Being allowed 20 minutes to eat out of eight hours doesn't allow for a lot of indulgence. Have a great year!

AKA_GAMERMOM SparkPoints: (58,396)
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8/2/14 12:14 P

I work in a school as well. I am up at 4:45am and gogogo until 3:00pm. I have learned to take little movement breaks. We have 4 minutes between classes. In that time, I can do 6 flights of stairs-3 down, 3 up. I also do a quick walk through the hall while my food is heating up for lunch. I take advantage of the track, and have a weight room available to me if I wish (although I have never tried this). It is difficult for me to exercise-excercise when I return home, so I take my dog around the neighborhood which is 10 minutes and about .4 mile.
My suggestion is to take the time to ease back into school mode. I know the exhaustion! Do the 10 minutes and do it consistently. That is more important than a hit or miss approach. I have light weights under my desk and have done Coach Nicole's 9 minute seated workout. If people see me, the reaction is typically one of support. 'Good for you! I should do that!' or 'I never thought about bringing my light weights to work with me!'
Added bonus: Being in the hall is good for the kids. Being open with exercise is setting a good example!

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,839
7/31/14 2:05 P

The meal prep is a good idea. I work year round at a university, but going from summer to fall is like starting from scratch and exhausting as things ramp up exponentially. I have been getting up earlier already to exercise, so I hope that I can keep it up, but a couple of weeks with minimal exercise won't derail you as long as you watch your eating.

HOLLYPOTTER SparkPoints: (15,834)
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7/31/14 7:18 A

I take my workout DVDs to school with me, grab one of the TV's from the library and either take it to my room or the gym. If I don't have a meeting that day, then my workout is scheduled instead. I even invite other teachers to workout with me. I started buying DVDs that had 10 minute workouts on them. My plan for the future is to create a club with the other teachers that helps them be healthier. I'm always better when I have to be an example to others.

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
7/31/14 5:40 A




BYEPOUNDS Posts: 7,204
7/30/14 12:12 P

packing my food is my challenge

JUSTME29 Posts: 5,907
7/30/14 10:48 A

I have the same problem every year when school starts again. When weather and my workload permit I like to walk the school track on my planning period - but I also need my planning period to actually plan. I found that the best plan for me is to take my workout clothes and water bottle to school with me and then stop and workout on the way home. My local Curves closed though, so I'm hoping I can build a walking after school routine this year.

SPIDERGIRL02 SparkPoints: (8,676)
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7/30/14 9:12 A

You may have already gotten many suggestions, but my hope for you is to stay motivated. I'm a teacher too! It is hard to exercise after a long day at school and to stay on plan. Just keep moving and stay focused. If I have to sit at work, I'm always fidgeting to keep moving. Slow and steady wins the race :)

EREBECCA1 Posts: 95
7/30/14 3:49 A

These are great ideas - I'm a UK based teacher so I still have four and a half weeks before I head back - I'm definitely using some of these though :)

FITMARY Posts: 8,923
7/29/14 8:19 P

I love the idea of a walk in the park on your way home, but I'd also suggest a 10-min. Spark video in the morning. Just 10 mins., but they can really get you going and then you will start your day out energized. I know how hard it is, but I think it's worth taking a shorter shower, eating a faster breakfast, spending less time on your hair and/or all of the above to carve out 10 min. for exercise. And once you start doing it, it will become a habit and you'll wonder why you thought it was difficult. Go for it! Happy new school year!

ERABEL SparkPoints: (60,694)
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7/29/14 7:49 P

WALKIN4JEANIE I am a retired teacher and walking on planning period is good or I used to get to school early and walk 20 mins. on the track and in winter I'd walk laps in the gym. Also our local fitness center offers 30 minute workouts geared for working folks you might check them out to see what's available. At our center they are even offering fitness for kids this fall so moms can workout. I also used DVDs I hope you have a great school year.

FIELDWORKING SparkPoints: (0)
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7/29/14 11:50 A

Do video workouts do anything for you? I was wondering if maybe you could check out some of the workout videos on this site or on youtube. What about one of Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVDs? I have his Tae Bo Express DVD. It has 8 10 minute workouts on it and give a good workout. You could combine several of them at one time time to make a 20 to 30 minute workout or do one 10 minute workout in the morning and then one 10 minute workout in the evening (in addition to any walking that you may do during the day). Or you could just do one of the 10 minute workouts. I got it at WalMart, but I know you can order it online. I have a couple of his other DVDs but I can't last the whole time. I don't use them that much right now since I have access to the YMCA and also do a lot of walking, intervals (walk/jog), cycling (even though I'm slow), and hiking. I think the Tae Bo Express could be something that should be easy to add in the morning during the first two weeks. If you have it now, you could start trying it out and getting into some sort of routine before the school year starts.

Another thought is talk with some of the teachers at the school to see if they would want to form a workout group (for walking, running, cycling, or some other form of workout). It could be 2x/month. I don't teach but I know teachers do stuff outside of the normal school day hours, but maybe several teachers would be willing to get together a couple of times a month for a 30 minute workout at the end of the school day.

Tae Bo Express:>
Other Tae Bo DVDs:

SHOOPETTE SparkPoints: (0)
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7/28/14 1:32 P

And don't forget to pace up and down the classroom :)

7/28/14 12:24 P

I have put some thought into how I get to work. While it is not practical for me to walk or bike all the way to work, I can park my car on the far end of campus or even behind us at the little park and walk in on nice days. It takes about 10 minutes to walk across campus and/or from the park. Good ideas folks! I would never have thought of this on my own!

AP5352ME SparkPoints: (6,886)
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Posts: 1
7/28/14 12:06 P

It is great that you have meals planned and coffee meditation time planned daily. You may need to plan exercise with the same discipline. I find that exercise provides me with more energy especially if I do it before work and after work. I also teach and I appreciate the 0 - 100 analogy. The first two weeks are more emotionally and physically demanding than any time in the semester, except for the week before and the week of finals.

I appreciate the previous member's suggestion that you include walking or biking as a part of your commute. I only live five miles from my campus so I am able to bike to and from work and compared to the time it takes me to drive and to park, the bike ride only adds thirty minutes to my commute, however, the morning exercise energizes me until noon and the ride home allows me to put the day's stress behind me. In the winter, I walk four blocks to the bus stop and get off of the bus a mile away from campus so I can walk.

Another suggestion that I've adopted from a Spark blog has helped to add steps to my day. Every hour I stop what I am doing and walk to another part of campus to complete in person some business I would normally process in an email or a phone call. I also have stopped multi-tasking when I pick up and clean up around the class room studio. Instead of taking a cart to pick up clutter, I have started to put one thing away at a time. It is not effiecient, but it adds steps to my day in a small way.

You seem to be so self disciplined that I believe you can add some exercise to your day in small ways.

7/27/14 10:26 P

Like a couple people have mentioned you definitely want to be kind to yourself when you know you're heading into a tougher period/period of adjustment. And regular 10 minute sessions can be a great way to get in most if not all of your exercise. One idea that I haven't seen mentioned is the way that you're getting to work.

Depending on the distance you could walk or bike to work. When I first started my journey I was dealing with a lot of health issues that really affected my energy etc, so traditional working out wasn't something I could really do at that point. Twice daily fast walks to and from work, however were enough to lose me 25lb! Even if you generally drive maybe park farther away, so you have that extra walk time.

7/27/14 7:30 P

I teach at a high school on a college campus, so we have to be more in line with their schedule. We have been out since the middle of May. Same amount of summer, just different time of year.

Great analogy there... I love got it just right like going from 0 - 100 in a second. When you add on top of that moving from a fluid schedule to a rigid one...its very stressful.

One of the reasons I get up so early is to allow myself 20 - 30 minutes for coffee and meditation. I have been doing that for years. Best part of my day.

CRAMPERELLA Posts: 1,545
7/27/14 5:57 P

Going back to work is like going from 0 to 100 in a second. It is overwhelming and stressful. Cutting back on the exercise is ok until you find your feet. Give yourself some time. If it were me, I would add some meditation or other stress buster. Whatever you do, don't beat yourself up. I don't know where you teach, but I don't go back until after labour day. You seem to be starting back awfully early!

7/27/14 2:13 P

Some good ideas to think about. I usually like to try something new as I get my energy back in August. I think I will look for a class that meets weekly to put on my schedule. That will be something to look forward to trying.

KAT321123 Posts: 203
7/27/14 1:33 P

It seems like you have a really realistic, honest attitude with yourself about your schedule and your capacity. And it's *amazing* that you've been so planful about getting dinners taken care of -- that's going to be a HUGE help to you!

To answer your simple question, of course it's "ok" just to exercise for 10 minutes for the first couple of weeks. Any step you take is a positive step whether it's one minute or 60 minutes.

With that said, patterns become habits and can easily stick with us. What you have going for you is that you're very good at planning. My only suggestion would be to put workouts in your planner just as you would any special school meetings you have or deadlines you have. Even if it's just 10 minutes a day the first few weeks (maybe with a longer workout on the weekends?) schedule yourself in for a longer exercise session a few weeks out so you commit that to yourself and don't get lax for the long-term.

But really, I'm glad you're being kind to yourself. I'm sure going back to work is challenging enough in itself so being gentle and realistic is wonderful. Just don't let it hold you back in the long run =)

MLAN613 Posts: 19,269
7/27/14 9:32 A

10 minutes are enough as long as you get your heart into the work zone (65%-85%). SP has some ideas in their fitness area. You could also check other resources like YouTube or Pinterest.

7/27/14 8:29 A

I will be headed back to school/work on Friday. I know that for the first two weeks back to work, I am always exhausted when I get home (I teach high school) The main goal those first two weeks is being able to rest and get used to the new routine. Knowing this, I have dinners covered for at least the first week. I have freezer meals prepared and slow cooker recipes ready to go.

My question is working out. I am terrible about working out those first two weeks. I have tried getting up earlier, but 5:30 is tough enough at first, let alone any earlier to squeeze in a work out. Early morning workouts are just not an option until I get into a sleep routine...that usually takes until the middle of August.

Is it ok to just go for the 10 minutes those first couple of weeks? I am thinking a walk during my planning period (It is last period this semester) or short strength training sessions? Maybe a short walk at the park on the way home each day? Whatever I can establish during that first two weeks will more than likely become my routine for the year. What ideas do you have?

I am thinking that short sessions now will become longer sessions now as I get back into a routine.

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