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2/26/14 6:06 P

My friend just ran into this problem. She tried Lucernes (Safeway product) Protein Plus chocolate milk. I drank it with dinner the other night and it's good. It has less sugar than regular chocolate milk too. I'd suggest trying it if you have access to a Safeway grocery store.

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2/25/14 11:02 A

Easy budget-friendly shake:
2T peanut butter (200cal 10 cents)
frozen banana (100cal 12 cents)
1/2c whole milk (75cal 10 cents)

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2/24/14 9:04 A

She's already on a multivitamin, and yes, we've seen the doctor. :) He recommended supplementation in this way. Hence this post, on his advice. They recommended stuff like pediasure, I simply can't afford those twice a day, so I'm looking for adequate replacements that I can make myself.

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2/24/14 1:12 A

I agree with Becky about a good multi min for her. I think homemade nut butter and fruit smoothies are better for weight gain in my reference. Coconut oil mixes in well also but should be added slowly to see how her digestive system reacts.

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2/23/14 9:19 P

I agree with everything Becky says, but just wanted to ask if this all started because of the medication.

I don't like the ideas of shakes personally, but if she doesn't have the appetite to eat more of the foods you give her, then it may be the only option. I have so many issues because of medication that I understand that just eating more is not as easy as it sounds all the time, so I won't say, have her eat more meat. I am going to assume you thought of that already, and it isn't really possible.

Just wanted to say Good Luck, and hope you figure it all out.

2/23/14 2:21 P

I am sharing the link to our SP article on ways to boost calories. You may find some of the tips helpful.

If the weight loss continues or even if she grows inches without adding pounds (thus a lowering of BMI); continue the discussion with the doctor, get a referral to see a Registered Dietititian, etc. I also encourage that you talk to the doctor about the use of a multivitamin-mineral supplement. This is not meant to "scare", but as you already know---appropriate weight gain, growth and development is so important during childhood.

Your SP Registererd Dietitian

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2/23/14 2:10 P

She generally has whole-grain toast with PB for a pre-breakfast snack, breakfast at school, then lunch at school, an after school snack (usually fruit) then a protein/2 veggie dinner. They get candy once in a while, but it's not a common thing. She also eats a lot of salads... she loves them. She usually has them with italian dressing or olive oil, some kind of nuts (like sunflower seeds), cheese, a few croutons, and given her druthers, olives, banana peppers, tomatoes, etc. Lunches on the weekends tend to be sandwichy... her favorite is turkey. :)

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2/23/14 12:00 P

Dragon, I'm glad to hear she is happy. What is an average day's diet for her?

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2/23/14 10:06 A

MICHELLEXXXX -- She is stable and active on ADHD medications, so we're not looking for alternative suggestions right now. They have made an amazing difference in her life, and made her a focused, happy kid who doesn't come home from school in tears because of her lack of impulse control anymore. There is no evidence that ADHD is caused by food dyes nor video games, and she had the symptoms as an infant... when all she ate was breastmilk. Foods with dyes in them do not affect her. She never played a video game before her diagnosis, and now she does, they actually aid her symptoms in limited amounts.

She also eats a ton of fish... we love it in this house.

BECKY: She eats a very balanced diet, thankfully, and is energetic and healthy otherwise; the doctor just recommended more calories (hence the pediasure/special K recommendation.) She eats... she just needs something calorie dense since her appetite sucks.

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2/23/14 3:35 A

What natural interventions did you or your doctor implement before trying medications? ADHD has been linked with things such as food dyes and video games. Additionally, nutrients such as EPA and DHA found in fish have been shown to help many ADHD patients.

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2/22/14 9:12 A

An effective way to gain weight would be consume a glass of hot milk with a tablespoon of honey and also another effective and simple remedy to gain weight is to consume banana milk shake. It is a fast way to gain weight...while fruits nourish the body with natural sugar, milk provides the proteins.

Add good healthy fats such as pistachios, almonds and walnuts, avocado, olives, and fatty fish...,unsaturated & monounsaturated fats...and maybe concentrate on foods that contain higher amount of calories, vitamins, and minerals.

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2/22/14 6:31 A

You could try carnation instant breakfast instead of the pediasure. It's a lot less expensive and the nutritionals are pretty similar. My daughter was dangerously underweight after a choking incident left her afraid to eat. We gave her carnation at every meal made with whole milk and sometimes some heavy cream (it tastes just like a milkshake that way) and it definitely helped her put on the weight.

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2/21/14 4:06 P

A weight loss as you described definitely deserves the attention of a Registered Dietitian. I encourage you to ask your doctor for a referral.

My concern....
--does she need a "protein" shake; or more calories coming from protein, carbs and fat---a balanced approach??? This is where the dietitian can help determine her actual needs?
--perhaps higher calorie smoothies with protein, carbs and fat are a better solution;
--along with between meal balanced snacks;
--and there are many tips to add calories to her meals, such as using full fat dairy, sauces, gravies, slightly larger portions.
--All this would be determined by a medical nutrition assessment from the dietitian.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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2/21/14 3:30 P

Will she eat Greek yogurt or can you add that to a smoothie - find the full fat kind (preferrably plain so she doesn't get lots of added sugars) and see if she will drink that in a smoothie?

From a purely personal standpoint and maybe I shouldn't even mention this, but I'm going to anyway. When I was a kid (keep in mind I'm 56, so kid time was a long time ago and there was no such thing as ADHD back then, diagnosed anyway), my parents thought I was too skinny. So they took me to the doctor who prescribed a "tonic" to make me gain weight; in fact, I was promised a new bicycle if I gained 10 pounds (long story short, I got a new bike). Fast forward to my adult years and I've struggled with my weight since I was a teenager; I've "earned" so many bicycles over the years, it's not funny. Now whether or not this whole "tonic" business messed with my psyche or not is purely speculative - I could have struggled with my weight anyway. My point is to be careful about the message being sent to your daughter. I would be sure the message being sent is about her being healthy, not about gaining weight - I'm sure you would anyway, but kids are very smart and perceptive these days!!!

Good luck!

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2/21/14 1:58 P

Ooooh, I found a couple after some googling, but I would still like to hear more.

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2/21/14 1:18 P

Okay, so, my doctor has recommended I supplement my 8 year old. This was kinda at my request, because I've been concerned about her weight for a while. Turns out, she's dropped from the 70th percentile for weight to 5th! Her ADHD medicine is an appetite suppressant.

Now yes, I can go buy cases of pediasure (which she won't drink anyway, she hates it) or special k shakes, or other premade stuff, but frankly, I can't afford it. I'm on a tight budget, and adding pre-made supplements twice a day is going to break the bank, and the rest of us will be eating ramen noodles!

So, I'm looking for thoughts. She loves protein shakes already, so I'm planning on making a strawberry/milk/protein powder one. I'd love some advice from Becky, too, if that's possible. Things I need to make sure to include. This isn't meal replacement; she eats a very healthy diet already, thankfully, just not *much* of one! This will be adding on to her normal meals and snacks.

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