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12/30/10 4:46 P

Turbo Jam is a great workout for beginners with some coordination, but you do not have to be a dancer to get it. The Learn and Burn session is a must if you have never done any kind of kickboxing before. I did Tae Bo before and it was helpful, but not essential.

Turbo Fire could be used for beginners because the modifier does an excellent job keeping everything low-impact and the longer workouts have a "new to class" options. BUT I think the speed more so than the moves might be frustrating in the longer cardio workouts.

Feel free to message me for more details - I think I have a review of TF in good detail on my SP blog.

12/30/10 12:57 P

I have both TurboJam and Turbo fire DVD sets, but it was the TurboKick classes that really got me hooked. (turbokick is the group aerobics version taught at gyms, TurboJam was developed for use at home).
As a begginer, i would start by doing Turbojam. They have a learn and burn portion, and also a 20 minute workout, which is still a great calorie burner. i know when i havent done it in a while, i find it hard to complete a full 50 minute routine. Its not dancey, its broken down into portions and then she adds on moves. It is high energy, but moves can be easily modified for a newbie to exercise/someone with bad knees etc. The turbo sculpt DVD is also super effective.
If at all possible though, i would suggest finding a TK class at a gym, the energy is crazy and you will be hooked, then you can take all you learned there and have a super effective home workout.
Another DVD she has is chaLEAN Xtreme, i dont have this, but this looks hardcore, more for muscle building.
I love chalenes workouts, super fun and challenging. Dare i say i like it more than zumba....

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LIVINGPROOF006 Posts: 918
12/27/10 2:45 P

I have never done any of her workouts BUT i heard so many wonderful things about her and the new program and i bought turbo fire. Today was day one and its so much fun - great music - very motivating. I had some trouble keeping up with all the combinations, i watched the new to class where she breaks down the moves but I'm sure once i do it more i will catch on just fine.
During the workout you sweat so much! There is some jumping, the fire drills can be pretty intense. Tomorrow is my first HIIT class so I will let you know how that goes.
There are modifications to make it low impact but still keep it high intensity.
Chalene says that it doesnt matter what your fitness level is, if you put your mind to it, you can bring the intensity and just add on to it every workout.

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11/23/10 3:35 P

Oh, hello! - I recognise you from the JW Spark Team thread!

I'm not particularly coordinated, but I find TJ really easy (after the first few tries, of course!) It's not dance-y in terms of choreography, either - only in terms of "busting some moves" with Chalene, having fun, funking it up a bit. And that's all up to you, since you'll be in the privacy of your own home with nobody watching!

If you buy the main DVD/set you'll get a session called "Learn and Burn" which breaks all the moves down really slowly, so anyone should be able to get the hang of it.

TurboFire, from what I've read, is pretty high-intensity and probably isn't ideal for a beginner (although there are modifications to take the intensity down a bit). TurboJam should be great for a beginner, I think.

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11/23/10 2:54 P

There's some optional dancing, but TurboJam is basically kickboxing. I think TurboFire is the same, but I haven't tried it yet so I can't say for sure.

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11/23/10 2:36 P

I heard about Turbo Jam being so much fun. Do you have to be very dance-y and coordinated because I don't know that I am. What about the other workouts Johnson does? Are they all similar? As a beginner, do I have to start out with TJam or can I get Fire? What do you like and how do you compare all her workouts? Thanks.

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