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7/25/13 8:56 P

IV fluids and third spacing of those fluids really add the pounds (not fat). It takes several days to a week for all those fluids that have third spaced I to the tissues to be reabsorbed and eliminated. Hang in there....

ANDYGIRL1219 Posts: 242
7/25/13 8:43 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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7/25/13 7:39 P

Hang in there! Remember that your #1 focus right now should be recovering from your surgery. I understand your concerns about not being able to resist temptation as you are able to eat more things, but remember that it's not about being perfect. Just do your best to make healthy choices when you can. I know it's difficult, but don't stress so much about the amount of calories you might need to eat, just concern yourself with putting the best possible food in your body to be healthier and give your body what it needs to heal. Soon enough you'll be back in fighting shape! Best of luck! emoticon

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7/25/13 5:40 P

3 weeks before my surgery I worked so hard and lost 3 lbs. After my surgery and 3 1/2 days in the hospital, not eating anything because of some digestion problems, I get on the scale and gained 4.8 lbs!! Talk about discouraged! I did not mark it, however, because I know it is all water and bowel weight. I am not able to exercise to the fullest for some time and my big temptation now is eating bad snacks. I need calories to heal, but I cannot eat large meals because of my incision and some GERD problems from the surgery, so I eat small amounts throughout the day. The temptation is the cookies, brownies, cake etc. that my loved ones have blessed our family with. Great intentions but AAAAAAGH! I have only had half a cookie since I got home Tuesday evening so yay for that, but as I build my appetite and am able to eat more variety of foods it is going to be harder.

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