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10/18/12 11:30 P

Wow! Interesting topic! I have never heard of any of the programs that Papamike mentioned! I will look to see if any are in our community.

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10/18/12 10:46 P

I am a tai Chi Player and pracitce Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua and Qigong as some of my primary physical and health activities. I have not practiced Tai Cheng, but did to a small search on the web. I always become suspiscious when if find multiple site with what appear to be indipendent reviews but that use the same phrase, are owned by the same domain group, or appear to have an undisclosed affiliation.

Tai Chi and Qigong come in many forms and I will not say one form is better than all others. I will say that many forms an variations attempt to sell a magic short term program. Again, I am suspicious. My first Tai Chi DVD was high on production, nice studio, silk asian style outfit, low on content and actual skill transmission.

Tai Chi is bested learned from a skilled teacher, If a skilled teacher is not available, then good DVD would be then next best thing, finally a well written book or books. I would go with a good dvd before a bad teacher, and good books before a bad dvd.

There is plenty of free resouce on the internet, however, you have to explore it carefully.

There is a tai Chi team here. We have a few resouces posted and are trying to get other things posted that may help a new commer.

Why not pop over to the Tai Chi team and post a questions there?


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10/18/12 10:22 P

I am looking for an exercise program that is a little gentler on my aging body -- and I am thinking of trying Tai Cheng, a program from Beachbody. Has anybody tried it? What do think of it? Any good?


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