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4/25/14 11:18 A

First comment, the Jill Coleman workouts are not true Tabata workouts they are HIIT or high intensity interval training. When Dr Tabata did his research he was working with world class cyclists who went to 170% of the maximum heart rate during the load period and few if any of use can match that level of demand.

While she classifies the workout I looked at as cardio it is in fact a bodyweight resistance workout done in a way to have a cardio benefit.It is an excellent combination of exercise movements which will benefit the one doing them however in my opinion more benefit can be obtained if two to three repeats with a rest between will provide more long term fitness benefits.

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4/24/14 4:24 P

I was recently introduced to Tabata Intervals and they are intense!!! But you feel accomplished when you are finished!!!

NMNEWWMN Posts: 120
4/24/14 10:15 A

I really like the tabata training, it gets me going. I am trying to get in more walking, gonna try to get out before it gets to windy and walk for twenty minutes. emoticon

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4/23/14 10:46 P

Anyone doing tae bo or tabata intervals? I'm doing (to the best of my ability) the tae bo basics with Billy Blanks on YouTube and the Tabata Intervals with Jill Coleman on fitness tv on demand. Great way to increase the sweat and break up the walking routine.

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