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7/13/10 11:41 A

I lost all my weight with Taebo then stopped doing it consistently and gained about 10 pounds. I started again about 8 weeks ago and my body looks completely different! It's amazing. There are workouts on Youtube that I use. I love the Taebo Cardio Live workout, it's very intense. I do at least 45 minutes, 4 to 5 days a week. It works.

JMASSI Posts: 4
7/13/10 11:11 A

Hmm, I also just found Chalean Extreme, let's see where that takes me.

MS_DEE57 Posts: 8,980
7/12/10 10:04 P

If you are looking for older Tae Bo workout, try Amazon or

JMASSI Posts: 4
7/12/10 7:42 P

I tried Turbo Jams, and was fairly impressed. Even the first video (Learn & Burn) left me with a bit of sweat. Chalean is definitely more pleasant to look at than Shaun T. or Billy Blanks (just a bit of humor, not putting doubt on their abilities) although there were times were I felt as if I was watching a woman's self defense class.

I will continue to look up Tae Bo and try to find some older videos. I thought Boot Camp was fairly intense but I'll keep digging into even older stuff and see where I get with it.

Thanks to everyone who have taken the time to reply.

7/12/10 1:40 P

I love Tae Bo... I will eventually get back into it but right now I just don't have time (I have a 2 month old who doesn't nap well during the day). I've got the Boot Camp series and one of the old original dvds. I must say that when I was doing the boot camp last year, I did it consistently and then just for kicks (no pun intended) I put in the original one, just on the basic, and I don't think I even made it through twenty minutes. I think the original ones were much more intense than the newer ones, it's constantly go go go, not as much standing around as the Boot Camp seemed to be. But that could just be my perception :)

7/12/10 10:40 A

I've been doing Taebo for 6 years now, and i will admit they do give you great results, you just have to be really commited to it though! You have to began with the instructional taebo workout, then you work your way up to the basic, and do those until you feel really comfortable with them, and then you just work up to the advance videos. they have different videos on both the basic and advance to give you more variety, its that simple! :DD

let me know how it goes for you !
Best of Luck!

BNMACK Posts: 14
7/12/10 10:17 A

I love Taebo and Billy Blanks the only problem is i feel that once you have one or two of the videos you have them all he uses the same moves in all of them if you go back to his first couple of videos it's pretty much the same thats not to say it's not a good workout.

JMASSI Posts: 4
7/12/10 12:04 A

Thank you all for your replies.

The only problem with Charlean (or however it's spelled) is I have seen negative reviews for her program, which surprised me. I looked up reviews for insanity to see if there were just bad reviews regardless (I will personally vouch for Insanity being a butt kicker) but didn't find any, so I assumed there was something wrong with the Charlean programs.

If you've done Insanity and one of her Turbo programs, then I'll take your word on it.

I will admit the Boot Camp video I looked at did seem a bit intense, but I didn't have resistance bands so I knew I was missing out.

I will look up the Basic Training series AND the Turbo series, thank you all very much.

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7/11/10 9:14 P

The absolute hardest Tae Bo workout I've done was an older one - I rented it from the library. It was called 'Tae Bo II - Get Ripped', and contained 2 workouts called Advanced #1 and Advanced #2. I remember them to be killer workouts!

As far as plyometrics go, have you considered trying the new Turbo Fire (Chalene Johnson)? I love this program! It doesn't have the long HIIT like Insanity, but shorter drills mixed with equal recovery time.

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7/11/10 8:52 P

I got some Billy Blank CDs from the library - they are whole body workouts. I thought they were pretty good but they weren't "killers". The hardest part for me is not to trip over my own feet.

JINXSTORM Posts: 6,719
7/11/10 7:28 P

Tae Bo Boot camp series is pretty good, I was a Tae Bo fan for 10 years til I discovered Turbo Jam and I burn more calories with it as well, not to mention Chalene is a much better instructor. Hope that helps.

JMASSI Posts: 4
7/11/10 5:43 P

I just finished the Insanity Workout (AMAZING workout) and instead of just restarting it, I wanted to try something else inbetween.

However, I am completely confused as to what Tae Bo workout to start with. I looked up the Amped workout and saw many negative reviews. I've tried a couple of the Advanced videos but they only made me break a sweat due to the fact the videos are so long as opposed to intensity.

I also went to Billy Blanks web page and just saw different videos focusing on different parts of the body. I'm no truly interested in working this or that out for this workout because I do a seperate strength training regimen. What I AM looking for is a good, hard, intense plyometric Insanity.

Anyone know where in Tae Bo I can find it?

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