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10/15/10 9:38 P

That makes sense, Kelly_R. Spark Guy says in his book that taking a short activity break will result in getting more work done in the long run.

Good idea.

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
10/15/10 8:37 P

I need to give this a try. I walk most days for almost three miles (sometimes a shorter walk later in the day as well) but I still have a time in the late afternoon where I'm just compelled to close my eyes and zone out for 20 minutes. I'm going for one of those "second walks" this afternoon so it'll be interesting to see if it keeps me perked up!

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10/15/10 8:22 P

I totally believe in what your saying! At work we always take a mid day 1 mile walk, about 15 minutes and we always feel great afterwards. I have a long commute and sometimes I need to do a walk before I go so I am more alert driving because some days I wonder how I got from A to B.

KELLY_R Posts: 3,080
10/15/10 5:45 P

It's finally dawned on me after working a desk job for years and either experiencing an onset of drowsiness either mid-morning or mid-afternoon that I can do something about it, and that something isn't necessarily "eat something".

There are times where I feel like this and yes, I'm actually hungry and should eat a little something. A healthy snack like dried fruit and nuts, a granola bar, a piece of fresh fruit, etc.

But there are times where I'm feeling really drowsy and I'm not hungry. I'd still reach for a midday snack and it would maybe pep me up for a little while, but never really did the trick.

One day, I was feeling really sluggish and just decided I would get up from my desk and take a walk back to the breakroom. Well, that was a very short walk and I felt like I needed more so I decided maybe I'd walk out to the edge of the parking lot... still wasn't feeling like I was waking up, but I was starting to feel a smidge better.

I ended up eventually going for a 10- to 15-minute walk around the block, and when I got back to my desk, I was feeling alert and the drowsiness had left me.

So - if you're ever experiencing that yucky drowsiness in the middle of your morning and/or afternoon, get up and go for a 10-minute walk. Most offices in the US are required to provide two 15-minute breaks (as well as their usual lunch break) to their employees who work full-time hours. So make use of that break, and instead of going back to grab a cup of coffee or a Snicker's bar, go take a walk!

I'm planning to listen to my body more and more and will be taking more frequent walks when that drowsiness comes on.

I need to get the blood circulating and get myself out in some fresh air and sunshine. It's making a difference.

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