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1/22/14 5:25 P

My treat every once in a while is a good Steak!! I work hard, so I feel I deserve it every now and then.

1/22/14 5:02 P

Actually, Blue ... the original poster said she ate a hamburger and a side salad. I think Michelle makes some really good points.

In fact, this has been a pretty well thought out, *civil* conversation so far, not only what people have been saying but also giving reasons for what they wrote.

Edit = I don't think ANYONE is slamming LHR for what she ate.

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KMHILLI Posts: 165
1/22/14 4:00 P

If she said she went to McDonalds I might agree with you, Michelle. But she said she had a fun meal at a decent restaurant. Your response seems like a bit of an overreaction.

Good on you for enjoying your day and making good decisions LHR!

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1/22/14 2:08 P

I agree that sometimes indulging on a food that you don't allow yourself everyday can possibly lead to overindulging. However, I feel avoiding it can also lead to binging.
part of this learning processes of moderation after years of overindulging is learning moderation, planning ahead and mindful eating. It's been a slow process for me, but I lost 20 lbs last year and have already lost 5 this month. I could probably cut more out of my diet like chocolate or an occasional beer or glass of wine and loose more. but I enjoy them more now that I have them in moderation. I find now when I do treat my self to a food related indulgence I actually eat less of it now.
I also agree we all should absolutely allow other treats such as a manicure or pedicure for reaching goals. maybe a new top or pair of shoes.

1/22/14 1:44 P

"Special" foods are both physical fuel and a sensory delight. The trick is in eating in moderation and most of that issue comes down to what is happening in that space between our ears and whether we pay attention to what our body is telling us.

For most people, these "treats" or "indulgences" have a way of insidiously derailing our progress because once a month turns into every two weeks turns into every other day. We fool ourselves into thinking that if we swim an extra lap in the pool or walk 1000 more steps, that food consumption will be offset. *IF* you actually perform enough exercise to allow for this "special" food, great! The reality for lots of folks is far different.

Why is it so difficult to think that an indulgence would be getting a manicure or "treating" ourselves to that blockbuster movie that just came out yesterday?

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1/21/14 11:12 A

Actually, I think feasts were more about fellowship (conversation, dancing, music,etc) or to celebrate the end of famine than what it is today. In that case more food would be needed physically. I think the glutinous feasts that occurred were primarily prideful and boastful displays of wealth, hence some robust kings and nobility in historical paintings.
Again, to use food for its purpose and find pleasure having a well fueled body is natural IMO. It is when we find pleasure out of using it in excess that there has been some derailment from reason and harmony IMO.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/21/14 11:09 A

I live outside of Philly! When I hit my goal I will be going to Saad's Halal place for one of their world famous Lamb Shawarma Maroosh sandwiches :)

I still plan on being able to incorporate one a month into my diet when I hit my goal. It is hands down the best sandwich I've ever had in my life, and I cannot see me going the rest of my life without eating them.

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1/21/14 10:42 A

Sure, I agree with that. Food isn't just fuel, it's also sensory pleasure, and people since the beginning of time have been feasting on special days -- eating things they normally would not or could not eat, and in larger amounts -- for the pleasure and the joy of it.

For me personally, it's still important to keep indulgences somewhat moderate -- I will occasionally eat things I enjoy that I don't normally choose -- but I also want to listen to my body when I do it, because I spent so long ignoring my body, to my detriment. I don't want to overeat -- that makes me feel bad. I don't want to eat very much sweets at all -- same thing. I don't want to "indulge" on things that don't actually appeal to me much, because that defeats the very purpose of a rare "feast".

You can't do it often and still expect to easily maintain either your weight or a stable lifestyle, but as a once or twice a month thing (or less often, if that floats your boat), with foods you truly enjoy but wouldn't be healthy to make a lifestyle of, and avoiding anything that makes you feel physically or psychologically bad -- why on earth not?

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1/21/14 10:40 A

EXACTLY! I don't mean that you go over board, but if your going out to a nice restaurant for dinner, with mindful planning you can treat yourself.

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1/21/14 9:51 A

I think we all have different ideas of what "treat" means. If you mean "go back to the way you used to eat"...then no way. If you mean occasionally eating something that you wouldn't *normally* have on your meal plan but that you can fit into your caloric range for the day, and that you can have without triggering any of your food issues, then that's fine for me. I just need to make sure a) I'm actually hungry b) I stop eating when I am pleasantly satisfied c) it's something that I genuinely like and want and d) it won't make me feel ill.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,344)
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1/21/14 9:38 A

The issue with that mindset to me is, why do you want to treat your temple poorly one day out of the week? Are you physically underfueled? If so, I suggest a diet adjustment.
I think our society has gotten so used to using food as a drug, friend, or hobby that we've forgotten what it is... fuel. Calling it a temptation is viewing it as anything other than an object with a purpose. It's like viewing a roll of toilet paper as tempting. The fact is, I need toilet paper and it has a purpose, but I do not long for it beyond the amount my body needs. I don't go on a toilet paper binge one day per week and use it in proper amounts 6 days.
I think the first thing that needs to change (after getting blood sugars level) is mentality. In a society where McDonalds is more treasured/discussed/observed than the elderly angels in our nursing homes, that change in mentality will take effort-- maybe even to the extreme of shutting off our TV's.

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1/21/14 8:49 A

A personal trainer friend once told me "treat your body like a temple 6 days a week and allow yourself 1 day to splurge a little"
the trick for me is making a mindful plan and not going over board.

1/21/14 8:16 A

At some point in my health journey even my treats became healthy. Dark chocolate, homemade custard, an hour of uninterrupted yoga or a delicious (healthy) meal out.

When I go out I always look at the menu online first.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
1/21/14 6:39 A

I do the same thing with a light breakfast and lunch if I'm going to have a restaurant meal for dinner. Everything in moderation.

CINDYA1962 Posts: 1,154
1/21/14 5:51 A

Some people can treat themselves with few negative consequences. My "treats" were the beginning of the end, and though perfectly moderate/fine in the beginning, led to the same, tired old habits which led to gaining back 15 of the 60 lbs. I lost.

If I could eat in moderation to begin with, I wouldn't have been overweight.

Some would see this as "all or nothing" thinking, but my history speaks clearly.

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1/20/14 5:56 P

If I went to Philly then I would definitely have a 'cheat/treat' meal consisting of one of their famous cheese steak sandwiches.

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1/20/14 1:40 P

I can't imagine treating yourself to a fun meal and good time with friends is a bad thing. Everything in moderation and that sounds exactly what you are doing. I am not "indulging" right now at all since I just started on this new lifestyle but I know that when i create some new habits and get closer to my goal I will have a glass of wine or something sweet and hopefully I won't feel like I have to beat myself up.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,344)
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1/20/14 1:33 P

I like to look at it this way... I wouldn't "treat" my car by putting cheap fuel in it. Likewise, I don't feel I'm treating my body by putting cheap fuel in it. While our weights may stay the same, what we take in will effect our body in some way, even if not seen immediately.
I like massages and hobby time (reading, yoga, hiking, etc) for treats.

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1/20/14 11:01 A

Yesterday we went into Philadelphia and I knew we were going out to dinner and I knew I wanted a few beers and didn't wanted to be able to indulge on my meal. So for breakfast I had Greek yogurt with fiber one cereal and for lunch I had a low fat yogurt at the museum we went too inside of a soft pretzel or hot dog. The restaurant we went to was a mile away so we walked!
We shared 3 appetizers between 4 of us, scallops, shoestring flies and mussels. for dinner I chose a burger and side salad. I didn't eat the roll, but I did drink 2 delicious IPA's and shared a chocolate stout with my daughter.
Then we had to walk the mile back.
I think it is ok to indulge a little every now and then as long as your sure to surround the indulgence with other good choices and some extra exercise. just don't make it a habit.

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