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MAMMA04930 Posts: 71
2/27/14 9:41 A

thank you all so much for such wonderful advice I really feel I can do this with so many wonderful peeps

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
2/24/14 9:08 A

I just have to say that we are all on a diet. I get so tired of the demonizing of a word, like diet.

That being said, if we stick to a range of calories, we lose weight. The only variations are the quality of the food, whether we can follow the diet long term, and how much we burn.

I follow SP's range for calories, even though I do low carb. I lose weight eating about 2000 calories, and walking 45-60 minutes a day 7 days a week, plus light upper body exercises 3 days a week.

If I could stick to 2000 calories on a vegan diet, a low fat diet, or any other it would cause weight loss. I personally am comfortable on low carb, and can't stop binges when I eat higher carb, so that diet works for me. I never got to vegan/vegetarian.

Find the right calorie level ( SP can help ), and find a diet that you enjoy enough to eat for a looooong time, and see if you can lose weight on it. If it is 1/2 a lb a week, all you need to do is keep it up, and over time, you will reach a healthy weight. If it takes 200 weeks to lose 100 lbs. who cares? .. better to lose 2 lbs. a month steadily eating real food you enjoy, than constantly re-starting diets every month or so that make great promises, and have you eating bars, and shakes. Rapid weight loss is only temporary, and then you are stuck with small losses every week or two, and while they add up over time, they aren't enough to motivate you to stick to it, if you hate the food. You should love the food you eat. Just because you eat less of it, doesn't mean it should taste bad. Good food that causes weight loss, will give you no reason not to continue when you get to week 10, or week 52, or week 2000. A diet isn't temporary, unless you can;t stand eating it.

No matter what diet you do choose to do, don't use products. I do low carb, and find the Atkins products to be junk.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,273
2/24/14 8:48 A

it's laziness. everyone has, at one point or another, tried the shortcut. shortcuts promise to do something that takes a really long time in a very short time. it's human nature to try it. "$50 for a bottle of pills that mean i don't have to work at something for a year? okay, sounds great." "a machine that does all of my slicing and dicing and washes itself? great!" this tendency is why infomercial channels exist. we, as humans, want the shortcut. it might take a while to figure out that most of them lead to long delays, but we still want something more than what we can do on our own.
and it's part of the advertising that the things have to be exotic. if they advertised that this pill has just a bit of caffeine, diuretic and fiber in it then no one would buy it because they know they're already getting caffeine and fiber and it's not doing much by itself. but call it an exotic wahoozooberry from new zealand and then it's something that you haven't tried before, and therefore better than working at something.
the final part is that if someone else is already doing something, we want to be doing it too.

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/23/14 1:22 P

Now, here's a question. Do people not listen because it isn't "sexy" or "exotic" enough (no magic potions, no strange sounding nuts)? Or is it that it's too much common sense to be believed? Or is it due to the magic of advertising?

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
2/22/14 12:45 P

Yep. There's no secret to it and there's no magic.

2/22/14 10:17 A

I really like what the previous poster said in their example of 2 cups of carrots vs. 20 M&M's. It really illustrates the fact that to lose weight and be healthy you don't have to get used to eating tiny amounts of food, you just have to make the right food choices.

The best place to start is by paying attention to and cutting out added sugars in your foods. Read the labels. By only changing that one thing you WILL see results. Once you cut your sugar intake you will be surprised at how foods that you never thought of as sweet before become sweet.

I love to eat and I eat a lot of food, so eating less sucks! I prefer to eat more but the right kinds of foods. I will often eat 2-3 whole big carrots at/before a meal along with my healthy protein, fats and vegetables. Carrots for me are a nice sweet treat.

Hope that helps,

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RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
Fitness Minutes: (2,155)
Posts: 1,379
2/22/14 9:57 A

When I read posts like yours (to the OP), I get so angry at the whole diet industry and everyone who tries to hang onto it around the edges. People used to ask me "what I was doing" to lose weight (before they started to forget I used to be heavier than this), and I had no acceptable answer. I ate a whole lot less crappy food and junk food (still do), ate a whole lot more of some of the obviously good stuff (still do) and chopped my portions of everything else down substantially (my portion sizes are now pretty big again actually, for maintenance). And that, plus a lot of walking, was pretty much it! It's not magic, it really isn't.

LILYDAYDREAM SparkPoints: (1,859)
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Posts: 37
2/22/14 9:54 A

I don't use any diet but my own but I track everything so I make sure I stay in my calorie range.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,273
2/22/14 8:09 A

the issue with the things that you've done before is that they're great for losing weight, but not so much for losing weight and keeping it off. my guess is that you want to lose weight and keep it off. which means that you're going to need to make changes that you can do forever, at least to some degree. basically you can't go back to eating how you ate when you were gaining weight unless you want to gain weight again. which is what tends to happen when you severely cut calories by drastically altering what you eat.
figure that if you're 30 years old and 5'6" and 225lbs, your bmr is about 1757. your bmr is the amount of calories you burn being alive each day. your daily activities are the calories you burn brushing your teeth, showering and all those other little basic things that you do throughout the day. if your bmr is 1757 then your daily activities are about 351 cals. so your bmr and your daily activities are the calories that you burn each day without exercise. in this instance the total number of calories you're burning would be about 2108 cals without exercise. if you're shorter or older than that, the number is going to be a little lower, but if you're younger or taller that number will be a little higher. which means that if the ranges you were given were 1200-1550, that means that your deficit would be between 558 and 908 cals. 500 cals a day is a pound a week deficit and 1000 cals a day is a 2lb per week deficit. if you want to do the actual math based on yoru stats, here is the link

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/22/14 7:55 A

I don't believe in "diet" food (shakes, nutrisystem food, eating foods you don't like).

I eat food I like - otherwise how could I stick to it?

My last dinner was a spicy shrimp croquette for 300 calories, brown rice and green beans for about 500 calories. Tonite's dinner will be salad with steak, tomatoes, cucumbers, with dressing for about 500 calories.

My last 2 snacks were a huge granny smith apple, an a honeybell orange (The honeybells are in!!!!).

To me that is "normal" food. What is missing from my diet is junk food, candy, ice cream, sodas, etc. Those foods are replaced by healthy foods. When you start replacing "empty" foods (junk) from your diet, and replacing them with whole foods, you will learn you are able to eat more actual food.

2 cups of carrots has about 80 calories (2 cups!!)
20 M&Ms have 70 calories (20!!)

Which will help you feel fuller and stay fuller for longer?

Anyway, Sparkpeople is designed for either the person doing the leg work themselves, or following the diet plan. A lot of people do it themselves. They see what their daily range is for weight loss, and try to fit in as much healthy, low calorie food into it.

What you see talked about on the boards (food wise) is a reflection of the knowledge that everyone here is different (just like in life), and Betty's weight loss system might not work for Joe, while Joe's program might not work for Mary, and Mary's preferences might not work for Sue.

If you are just starting out, you can either follow the SP diet plan (or look at it for suggestions as to what to eat), or you can learn about food. The best way is to know what your daily range is, look at labels of what you eat (or google the food) and enter then into your tracker. Within a day or two you will start to pick it up and make the necessary choices = Turkey breast on whole grain bread with lettuce and tomato has 400 calories less than a Bic Mac, and is a much better lunch choice.

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MARTHA324 Posts: 5,943
2/22/14 7:47 A

I just found SP so didn't follow their diet. In fact I didn't "diet" to lose the 75+ pounds. In October 2011 I decided that I had to change some things and get healthier and the things I needed to change was to start choosing healthy foods more often, track what I ate, limit my portions, and stop drinking wine during the week. I also went to a hypnotist to help me (ch Ieck out my page for more details).

This was a mind change for me and really a lifestyle change. Think about it. If all those "diets" worked, we wouldn't keep getting new diets. When we go on a diet, we inevitably go off the diet. Deciding to eat better is something you can live with.

Over the years I've completely modified not only the way I eat, but the foods that i like. Most of the time I choose real foods (not processed), LOTS of plants, and I don't overeat. I also make sure that i move every day.

SP seems like a balanced way of eating that you could live with. My suggestion is to buy a pedometer and just start walking. Make that a part of your life. Lots of good articles here that I'm finding very helpful.

Good luck. You can do this!

TERRI101959 SparkPoints: (22,625)
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Posts: 330
2/22/14 7:22 A

Eating real food and getting enough exercise is the perfect combination for slow weight loss that is maintainable. I see a lot of friends with 50+ pounds to lose trying out the low carb and all those other diets trying to achieve quick weight loss. I think all they do is mess with your metabolism and you never get anywhere on them. I do believe that it is good to have some control over the amount of processed, white flour, sugar and salt-laden food you eat. The best way is to cook your own food. Start from where you are and get on this journey to eat healthy about 85% of the time, track your calories - good or bad, and I know just from tracking you will think about what you eat. Good luck and congratulations for beginning. And, yes! you can lose weight eating so much food.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (250,105)
Fitness Minutes: (41,449)
Posts: 26,956
2/22/14 2:17 A

What you have described is exactly why diets aren't recommended. They generally don't work - at least not for the long term, and they can actually be potentially dangerous, too.

The beauty of SP is that this is NOT a diet. It is about healthy eating and appropriate portion sizes, as well as some exercise. It is about a healthy lifestyle - one that can sustain us the rest of our lives.

Just start this journey with baby steps. This means changing only one or two things and allowing your mind/body to get used to those changes before adding something else to the mix. In time you will start to see results - not necessarily with the scales initially, but with your energy levels, the condition of your hair and skin, the quality of your sleep, your fitness levels and how your clothes fit. THOSE are indicators that you have hit the right combination :-)

Good luck,

EABHA70 SparkPoints: (62,065)
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Posts: 1,121
2/22/14 12:12 A

I have also tried many different diets. Most of last year I was doing low carb, and I didn't end up losing much weight at all...and I could not sustain it. But many people have been very successful with it! It's such an individual thing.

Right now I am following the SP recommendations with regards to calories, carbs, fat and protein, etc., in combination with a low-glycemic approach (only the most complex carbs for me). It is working, and I'm glad, because all I really want is to have a normal relationship with food, to be able to eat a varied and tasty diet. So far, so good!

MAMMA04930 Posts: 71
2/21/14 11:33 P

I was wondering if anyone here just uses the the sparks diet...there are so many different diets and everyone seems to be doing something different im very confused ive tried different low carb..shakes and soo many more I always lose but cant stick to them so of course the pounds come back im hoping for real food this time but it doesn't seem to make sence that one could lose weight by eating so much food...hope to get advice soon I need to lose over 100lbs


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