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3/1/11 3:48 P



JOAN_HEO Posts: 3,145
2/28/11 4:36 P

Congrats! AND That's a great idea!

CELIAMINER SparkPoints: (253,618)
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2/28/11 4:13 P

Good on ya! emoticon emoticon

KRISTI2661 SparkPoints: (19,026)
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2/28/11 3:52 P

Loving my ticker today after over two weeks of hating it - down 25 pounds! Woohoo! In recognition of that, I think I'll go make that change!

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FULLBLOOM Posts: 3,056
2/28/11 2:33 P

March is almost upon us, so let us march on and get those tickers moving in the right direction.

No excuses.

Often times, we underestimate ourselves, when in fact, we are capable of so much more.

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FULLBLOOM Posts: 3,056
2/26/11 3:01 P

My kind of spring cleaning!

JOHNSONE4 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/25/11 5:46 P

Mine still didn't move, but I changed it anyway. Call it spring cleaning.

FULLBLOOM Posts: 3,056
2/25/11 2:02 P

Thanks for jumping in, guys. As long as our ticker is going in the right direction,it is such a good feeling.

MULEDOGGIE SparkPoints: (83,182)
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2/24/11 11:03 A

I hit 45 lbs lost this week. I've not seen as many pounds dropping off lately, but I've lost another inch on the waist!


KLSTECK Posts: 59
2/24/11 7:22 A

I just changed my target weight loss goal last week as well. It is great to be making progress.

FULLBLOOM Posts: 3,056
2/23/11 9:48 P

But in a very good way, I changed my ticker today for the better (from 20lb loss to 25lb loss).

How about each and every time, you make a change to your ticker for the better; let everyone know, just how well you are doing.

What a powerful motivator for all of us to see a constant flow of positive results.

May the Spark be with you!

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