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12/1/13 2:38 P

It depends on the day. If I had a big workout that day, I may indulge in it a little. If I didn't work out that day, then I try to drink a big glass of water and wait about 20 minutes to see if it passes.

RUNUXTOO Posts: 136
12/1/13 12:23 P

Do not have them around. For me, out of sight and out of mind.
I still have trouble handling them,

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
12/1/13 11:36 A

sometimes I don't! I make myself a rule that I only give in to things that I make and I track it and stay within portions. Cakes freeze very well and it makes it easy to bake a cake and pull out a slice at a time.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
12/1/13 8:21 A

if it's the donuts in the breakroom type temptation i start by reminding myself that these are hardly the last donuts on the planet. i have to pass a krispy kreme, a dunkin donuts and a local donut place on the way home plus multiple gas stations and grocery stores, all of which have donuts. choosing not to have a donut now doesn't mean i can never have one again, it simply means that i am skipping one this time. my life is full of other opportunities to have donuts. and if cost is the issue, then there will likely be free donuts in the office again, either tomorrow or friday or whenever it is that they get brought in for. therefore donuts now is hardly a limited time, must buy now opportunity. therefore it's not something that i have to have now because the opportunity will present itself again. skipping one now doesn't mean i will never have another donut again, it just means that i am choosing not to have one now. it's like picking what bathroom to go to. just because i see a bathroom doesn't mean i have to use it. if i actually need a bathroom it's fine to, but i don't need to stop and use every bathroom that i come across in a day. donuts are like that. it's good to know when and where they are, but just because they are there doesn't mean that i need or want one. they will be there again.

if you have a favorite family recipe that you love, start tweaking it. one of my dead grandmother's recipes we have cut a stick and a half of butter out of without anyone in the extended family noticing [and if they noticed they would be up in arms]. that's 133 cals from butter alone per serving out of the recipe. when we make it for the immediate family we have doubled the vegetables in it and cut the cheese by half as well. which makes it that much easier to have.

if it's a big mac that you love, find a way to love it for 100 cals. because if you can enjoy a big mac and you know how to make it and/or enjoy it at every calorie level between the real thing and a 100 cal slider, then you can adjust to suit your craving based on your calorie needs. things like making it at home, having it open faced, making it smaller, incorporating the flavors from the sauce in other things are all ways you can figure out how to hit the craving for a different number of calories. and the more ways you can find to enjoy it, the easier it is to enjoy it. because if you don't have the calories for the full mac, but could be satisfied [at least for one day] having a 100 cal slider that's close enough or if you are happy dipping carrots and celery in the sauce, then that's a way to enjoy it when you don't have the calories for the real thing. and that doesn't mean you can't have a big mac again if that is what you love, just that when you don't have room for it you can scratch the itch without going over your ranges. and that's what it's about. the higher calorie a thing is, the less often you need to have it or the more you need to find a lower calorie way of enjoying it so that you can have it everyday. let's say you want to have a 4000 cal splurge. sounds like a lot, right? well if it really is a once a year thing, you only need to save 11 cals a day for that to balance out and you to be in your ranges. and that's 4000 cals above your ranges. if you were to do it twice a year, that's saving 22 cals from your ranges to make you in range on average. if you wanted to balance that 4000 cals out monthly, that's saving 137 cals a day and that's the point where you really need to start finding lower cal ways to get the taste of what you want.

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12/1/13 7:53 A

I try not to have them in the house. I keep plenty of healthy foods around but don't buy the junk food. I also ration out my portion sizes.

JUSTIMEEM Posts: 137
12/1/13 3:28 A

The most important thing I did was not to have those problem foods near me.
So I got rid of them from my house.
I ate before going grocery shopping in order to feel full and not be tempted to buy them and I didn't enter store isles which had those foods I knew I had to avoid.
I also found healthy substitutes for sweet and salty foods I craved and I worked really hard on my own will and motivation.
From times to times I gave in to some temptations, but those times are rarer by the day.
Even for the strongest willed there will be deviations when it comes to food cravings / temptations.
Good luck to you!

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12/1/13 2:29 A

Can you elaborate a little bit more as where is the temptation coming from? Is it at home or while eating out as in restaurants or friends/relatives house? Is it while grocery shopping? If I know what is tempting then maybe I can offer some suggestions.
Do you usually think about food or its temptation when you see it?

KITTYCAT64 Posts: 599
11/30/13 11:14 P

How do you handle food temptations?

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