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8/31/13 7:29 P

I have some short fins that I use for lap swimming which are designed to work your leg/thigh muscles more. They are called Zoomers and I got them on

I love them, but I don't know if I am burning any more calories or not. They certainly make the workout more challenging

The way that swimming is recorded on this site seems so wildly inaccurate anyhow (just minutes, not speed or rate) that I'm not worried about calorie measurement too much anyhow. I swim my 1.5 miles and call it good.

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8/31/13 4:43 P

Swim fins do help you burn more calories by adding a resistance that requires more muscle to propel you, but be careful not to overdo it as it does but more stress on your muscles and joints.

As long as your still getting in about 30 minutes of swimming, than swim fins are a great thing to use!


For those who are confused: Swim fins do make you go faster but the amount of calories burnt per minute is much greater.

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8/31/13 3:50 P

If you use fins, you'll have to swim more laps. I've used fins once during swim lessons and whoaaa I flew across the pool... but they also make my feet cramp.

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8/30/13 8:44 P

It's all about intensity of effort - fins or no fins is largely irrelevant.

If I could use a bicycle as an analogy. Cycling is faster than running. But if you pedal hard, you will burn just as many calories in 1 hour as you would running, although you will cover more miles.

Fins will enable you to move faster through the water with the same amount of effort. As long as you continue to swim hard, and not use the fins as an excuse to cruise along at the same speed, it won't make much difference either way. Of course, you will cover more laps in the same amount of time.


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8/30/13 11:38 A

Thanks for all the input. I did not use fins today, did my usual 1 .5 miles and my legs feel it. Good workout!

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8/30/13 10:16 A

I've used them a handful of times, but it has been years since I have because as swimmergirl said, it makes me feel less productive because it makes it easier.

When I swam more frequently, I would switch between regular lap swimming and then using the kickboard to give my legs a more focus workout, and then use the little floaties between my legs to give my arms a focused workout.

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8/29/13 10:04 P

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I never used them.

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8/29/13 10:01 P

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I never used them.

SWIMMERGIRL0222 Posts: 785
8/29/13 7:06 P

Hello! I'm an avid swimmer. It really depends on your heart rate and intensity. Generally, fins don't make you burn more calories. When I use fins I tend to put in less effort because the fins help me swim a lot faster. If you work harder and can go farther using fins go for it! Just keep in mind it's about intensity and distance swam :) Best of luck!

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8/29/13 6:13 P

I didn't know that using the fins could help you burn more calories.

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8/29/13 5:47 P

Should you use swim fins to burn more calories or not.

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