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4/2/14 2:00 A

That SALOHCIN83 that are very helpful tips.

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4/2/14 1:50 A

Swimming is great exercise, but as with any exercise intensity and duration are huge.

If you have an hour a day to workout and access to a pool, you should be able to swim for 40 minutes or so and still have time to shower.

As everyone has mentioned it is an activity you can do into old age much more than running so it is a very healthy habit to start.

If you're interested in any help I have been a lifeguard and taught swim lessons so am more than willing to help you get started if you don't know where to do so.

Also feel free to check out the team in my signature where I post daily workouts 5 days a week, most of which are in the pool, all of which could be done in the pool. It's also a good place to post questions specifically about swimming activities if you have them.

Hope you enjoy the new workout routine and learn to love swimming!

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4/2/14 1:37 A

Swimming is great lifetime exercise. My aunt was still swimming at 93! Especially good for anyone with joint problems, sore knees, etc.

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4/2/14 1:34 A

Thanks LULUBELLE thats great info.

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4/1/14 5:36 A

Swimming is indeed great exercise but nutrition is the main piece to healthy living. You should focus 80% on nutrition and 20% exercise. In other words, you can't out exercise a bad diet.

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4/1/14 4:22 A

Swimming is a great calorie burner, and also acts as strength training because of all of the resistance of the water. If you have not been swimming regularly, swimming an hour a day will probably be too much to start. I would suggest starting more slowly and working your way up to an hour.

You also have to be swimming for it to work. emoticon I sometimes swim with a friend, and she spends at least 10 minutes adjusting her cap and goggles. It's fine to take a little breather at the end of a set, but keep an eye on the clock and start swimming again!

You cannot burn fat from any particular area of your body, however, swimming will work your stomach muscles, so you will look trimmer through your stomach.

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4/1/14 2:15 A

i want to loose 40 pounds! basically swim everyday to have an hour will i loose weight !!

I have fat in my abdomen so i want to do cardio to loose the stomach fat then i will tone? please people assist me?

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