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2/5/13 12:43 P

Hi Ginny,

I do swim (usually twice per week) and I can see the difference in my strokes and endurance. I can also see that my breathing is more controlled when I spin too. I do mix things up between back stroke, the crawl & breast stroke (I can't competently swim the butterfly to save my life).

If you need more information, check out the US Master's Swimming website, they have some really good techniques and fitness suggestions surrounding swimming.

Good luck..

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2/5/13 12:40 P

They do, but only one level. The instructor said it was meant for people who can't swim at all, like learning how to not sink. Lol. Not the kind of thing I was looking for. :(

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2/5/13 12:37 P

Does your Y offer group adult lessons?

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2/5/13 12:22 P

Any swimmers here? I'm really interested in adding some swimming to my fitness routine....but I'm not sure how to get started. My Y has a nice indoor pool with lanes, so I'd love to be able to take advantage of it. I've been able to "swim" since I was four and have spent lots of time in the water, but I've never had formal lessons and I do not know any actual technique or real strokes or anything like that. Is there some way to learn proper stroke form, etc? Any videos or anything like that? I know I could pay for private coaching at the Y, but I can't really afford that. Any suggestions?

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