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11/3/13 4:16 A

Thank you both :)
The swelling has subsided to a great extent. I think my body was reacting to the shock of jogging. I have never jogged before; although I have brisk walked and have done elliptical the work out i got in these two days was nothing compared to what i have done before.

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11/2/13 10:13 P

When I first started walking/running, my fingers would swell, especially in the heat. I would get home from my walk and hold my arms above my head for awhile. Make sure you're not clenching your hands during activity. Most will recommend holding them loosely cupped. I found that made a difference. Also, if you're walking, continue to hold them at a ninety degree angle to the ground, like you do when you run. This allows gravity to help with circulation, as opposed to letting them dangle straight down. Sometimes, swelling in the legs/feet can be normal with a lot of running, too. That's one of the reasons some people use compression socks. And, of course, if it's significant or doesn't subside, see your doctor as stated below!

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11/2/13 8:12 P

If the swelling is sudden and significant, and nothing else has changed besides your workout, I would probably mention it to your doctor just to be safe.

Coach Jen

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11/2/13 5:12 P

I started the c25k last week and did my day 2 run on thursday evening. I am 251lbs and have never been a jogger ever. After day 2 I was sore but nothing unusual, was pretty much ok on Friday but Saturday I noticed a lot of selling on my feet and fingers. It got to a point I could feel my skin getting tight. Is this normal or should I see a doctor

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