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3/29/13 10:00 A

Day 4-- very few cravings, except in the late afternoon I wanted McDs, but it was easy enough to resist. I did have 4 cookies at night. I'm not sure if its a slippery slope to eating poorly or if it is a good way to manage cravings. 4 was within my ranges and there were some left over that I didn't even want.

So mostly good. I am planning a cheat meal or day this weekend when we go out for breakfast. I know people have conflicting opinions on planned cheat days, and I'm not sure where I stand on it. We'll see how it goes.

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3/27/13 9:02 A

Day 3-- yesterday I was craving sweets late morning and late afternoon. I had a cup of pudding at night but at night I don't really get out of control with it-- I had the one cup and went to bed. The midday cravings are harder. This week is spring break so my 7year old is home and my mom is out of town so no help with the girls. Usually I eat unhealthy food when she's watching them and I go out for a break. I don't want my 7 year old eating fast food, so that means I can't either this week. So it is kind of a good week to start this and hopefully get a handle on my diet before my mom comes back and I can go out to eat again. That's probably why I'm getting the cravings during the day-- it's when she usually watches the girls.

Up now for Day 3! Wish me luck!

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3/26/13 12:24 P

That thought is a good idea. So far when I feel hungry, my internal child throws a tantrum for junk food, but it has only been a day. :)

Today the munchies hit a bit earlier than yesterday. Maybe because I had a different breakfast and missed the carbs from the bagel. Anyway, I did have a chocolate Fiber one bar and I was still craving sweets so I just ignored the cravings and they went away as I was busy. We'll see how the rest of the day goes.

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3/25/13 6:05 P

Luckily it gets easier. Every time I feel hungry and put off eating I feel like I'm losing weight and getting stronger. So it's a good thing

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3/25/13 5:56 P

Today I joined the Sweet Tooth Challenge. The first step was to take a quiz to find out how much of a sweet tooth I had. The questions were funny to me--How often do you think about sweets? And I think Once a Day was the most frequent answer. The others were like once a week, once a month, never. I must be living amongst a bunch of sugar obsessed people, because no one I know only *thinks* about sweets once a week, much less the other answers. :) I guess we're all sugar obsessed and that is my excuse for being so too. :) So anyway, of course the quiz said that I have a *serious* sweet tooth. Duh.

So the next step was to journal why and when I want sweets. So Voila, here I am, being a good little SPer. :) I think in general I want sweets when I'm really hungry, or stressed--I get into a mode where I just give up and want a donut. This happens a lot. I think it is my go-to stress relief, which probably needs to change. I guess that's what this challenge is about. Anyway.....I will still journal for a week like it tells me to, since I might be surprised about my sweet tooth. I doubt it though, because I've been dealing with it my whole life.

So today is not over, however, I will still journal now since I have free time. I recommitted to SP early this morning (I was awake at 4am which I am sure will catch up with me), so today so far I have been pretty strong in my dedication to trying to eat healthy. However, I did go to Target for a mini grocery run and felt the urge to grab some desserts. I didn't--but I have to go back tomorrow for my main grocery run and we'll see how it goes. I was then a bit hungry (because my food intake was lower, though not crazy lower, than normal) and a bit stressed (due to life) and really felt the urge to 'cheat' on the way home. Since I had just gotten zucchini at the store to make a new recipe, I didn't cheat. I had Zuccini Parmesan and some light string cheese and some Diet Coke (I know, it's horrible for me). It actually made me anxious to *not* eat crap--I think because it is such an ingrained part of my day and how I deal with stress. That was interesting.

But I survived. I'm still munching on the cheese and Diet Coke and soon I will be busy with my girls' dinner. I am still a bit hungry though, but I think I need to relearn how to be OK with being a little hungry. I'll be having dinner in an hour or so, so I shouldn't be full before that. But I'm used to being full all the time now--and being hungry makes me want lots of sugar/fat/salt. Plus, this is my first day counting calories in a long time so of course I'm hungry. I'm sure my stomach will shrink and my mind will get used to eating less or eating healthier. I have a lot to work on in terms of adjusting my diet and adding in more produce. I keep trying, but it's hard! :)

That's all for now!

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