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9/26/13 11:51 P

For me, a lot would depend on what you are making. There will be a variety of sweet potato breeds, too, and it may be you don't like one, but like or don't mind another. Experiment to see if this is you. Usually ordinary potato will do but you will alter the taste/texture/calories a wee bit. Make sure that you use Potato with it's jacket on for a little extra fibre that you would miss out on.

Where it comes to other recipes, a variety of veges can be substituted - just use what you fancy.


ANARIE Posts: 13,205
9/26/13 11:44 P

When the menu plan calls for sweet potato, it means "this many calories of something filling with lots of Vitamin A." Squash would be a good replacement, except that most people who don't like sweet potato like winter squash even less. (But do try butternut squash if you never have before. Lots of veggie-haters like that.) If squash is out, consider beets, carrots, sweet red pepper, or any other red or orange veggie. The most important thing is the beta carotene, which is what makes orange and red colors in veggies.

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9/26/13 10:13 P

Regular potatoes are not "bad" for you unless you load them with butter, salt and toppings like that, or have several at one sitting. They also have a good bit of potassium in them. I like to use salsa as a topping on a baked potato. It adds a good flavor and is a little more veggies for the day.

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9/26/13 9:35 P

White potatoes of any sort really aren't the best choices. Sweet potatoes, although we call them "potatoes," are in an entirely different class of foods. As another poster mentioned, you might try winter squash. Look up the nutritional info, and compare it to sweet potatoes.

I do like them, although not like I used to like the white potatoes! I make my sweet potatoes as I do most winter squash: I mix in some sucralose blend, butter, and either pie spice or cinnamon. Comes out almost like a dessert! Give it a try before you abandon sweet potatoes entirely. And yes, you DO have to cook them until squishy!

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9/26/13 9:26 P

Almost any non-starchy veggie will provide as many, if not more, micro-nutrients than sweet potatoes with less calories. To up the calories (if needed) , you could add healthy fats, protein, or increase serving size.

9/26/13 8:10 P

Butternut Squash! Roasted it is awesome.

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9/26/13 5:18 P

Ack. I love sweet potatoes. I didn't like potatoes until I tried the sweet potato but to each their own, right? :)

Nothing you swap for the sweet potato will "hurt your diet plan" unless maybe it's five chocolate chips cookies. Losing weight comes down to calories in vs. calories out. If you are following Spark's meal plans they are simply a guide to help teach you balanced nutrition and healthy food choices. There really is no need to follow it strictly.

If you want an equivalent to a sweet potato, any starchy veg would do; other potatoes, carrots, squash, peas, carrots, parsnips, etc.

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9/26/13 5:05 P

I don't like sweet potatoes either so I eat red or white potatoes. Potatoes are not a bad option and are no longer vilified like they once were

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9/26/13 4:11 P

Regular potato or maybe winter squash.

If you mean the sweet potato that's in the meal plans, you can click the substitute button (to the right of the meal plan) and it will give you a whole range of suggestions for replacements (either for that individual ingredient or for the entire meal).

Just a thought--I didn't like sweet potatoes, either, until I started baking them until they were really, really squishy (until I can easily squish them with my fingers and they stay squished instead of rebounding).

NOMYNOM Posts: 9
9/26/13 3:25 P

Im NOT loving the sweet potato, what can i swap it out with for some varity that wont hurt my diet plan.

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