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STRANGER70127 Posts: 408
11/10/12 10:38 A

Sushi is great for me! I'd really be happy if I had the money to afford it all the time. emoticon

ATHENA1966 Posts: 4,003
11/3/12 10:31 A

Ok I am no sushi expert but I love love love it. My mother in law was Japanese and we often enjoyed sushi together either at home or at a decent Japanese restaurant. I say decent because she knew where the authentic japanese restaurants were in Colorado Springs (where we lived). Thousands of people eat sushi everyday and I am not aware of any recent deaths related to sushi consumption. I am pretty sure more people are dying from heart disease, but that is my opinion and observation. Yes sushi can be contaminated, but really when was the last time you heard about ,"SUSHI PARASITE OUTBREAK". I would however consider sodium with sushi condiments and some of the sushi components. Wasabi is this green wonderfully spicy condiment that you need very little of and it is so darn good. Mix it with some Kikkoman soy sauce and you are set for dipping your sushi. Also you can order sushi without the rice, I think its called Sashimi. The possibilities are endless. I too have a tendency to go overboard when surrounded with food and avoid all buffets of any kind. No matter how many healthy options are available.

ORODEO73 Posts: 527
11/3/12 8:03 A

I know we all have our kicks on the different reason to eat or not to eat sushi. My Japanese family and others in Japan hav always eaten it. Better quality in Japan. More than likely. But still at risk for all the same calories, proteins, goods and bads. But remember too that they are also fairly healthy eaters...even eating the sushi. Main things to stick too for sake of quantity is rols woth smaller rice quantity and those with things such as veggies such as avacado or cucumbers or tuna. Watch combining these in one roll then eating several.

I take a chance everytime I eat a hamburger just as with anything else. Yes I know my hurger is cooked...burned, but not veryone cooks a steak all the you?

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,319
11/3/12 6:59 A

Raw fish, including sushi and sashimi, and undercooked finfish & shellfish which include oysters, clams, mussels, &scallops are more likely to contain parasites or bacteria, more than cooked fish. Over time this can possibly cause heart disease and damage the central nervous system, and the health risks can outweigh the benefits so be careful

If you've been eating sushi with worm eggs in it, you have worms. Sushi can also cause tapeworm, flatworm, parasites, like roundworms which can burrow in your stomach lining causing pain or inflammation. If you experience any symptoms after eating raw fish, like sushi, you should seek medical assistance immediately. SUSHI ALSO HAS HIGH LEVELS OF MERCURY.

Sushi is not for me anytime.

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11/2/12 4:41 P

I wouldn't touch a sushi buffet with a 10 foot pole. The quality is questionable and really not worth it. If you enjoyed eating sushi, there are good places you can go that aren't too expensive. Find local neighborhood sushi places and you won't break the bank. Try a few different ones, they have different flavors and textures and you will soon learn what restaurant is your "favorite". I love salmon nigiri myself but I also love the rolls. I would stay away from california rolls as they have lots of mayonnaise and imitation crab, and avocado, along with lots of rice. It sounds like you on a low carb diet, in which case sashimi is right up your alley, but the main problem with sashimi is that it is expensive! If you want to actually get full on sashimi you are looking at spending at least $20 for a sashimi platter. I can't imagine you would actually get nigiri or sashimi at a buffet place, I would be surprised actually. Happy sushi eating! Cucumber salads are awesome too.

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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11/2/12 12:21 P

Thanks for the replies people! Definitely will be staying away from anything fried. And thanks for the key words like "tempura" to watch out for as I really don't know what each thing is. And the sashimi would be just the fish (right?) and therefore perfect. Pure protein for the calories.

@jen- Yeah, now that you say it Nigiri was what was on the smapler platter. I think one was salmon, one tuna, and one eel. I figure I could grab some of those and then not have to rice they are on top of. And that link you sent was great. Something like the magura roll would be perfect. 27 carbs and 24 protein.

I was just thinking that as far as buffets go, a sushi one would be the easiest to control how much fat and carbs I was getting One or two rolls and then sashimi, or just picking the fish off the nigiri, would end up being 700ish calories and high in protein. That's not even really a cheat meal, especailly if I get a good lift in earlier in the day. Thanks! Next time someone mentions going to a chinese or barbeque buffet I'll try and steering us to a Jappanese one.

POPSECRET SparkPoints: (84,483)
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11/2/12 9:51 A

The main things to stay away from are the ones that are fried (look for the words "crispy" or "tempura"), and the ones that have a mayo or cream cheese.

If it's available, request that they be made brown rice instead of white. There may be an extra charge, depending on the place.

Also, only order one or two rolls, then round out the meal with some miso soup and seaweed salad or steamed edamame!

Oh, and watch out for the soy sauce if you're concerned with your sodium intake! Even the lower sodium variety can be crazy high, especially when you use 2, 3, or 4 times the normal reccommended serving size.

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11/2/12 9:44 A

I too love sushi...and have had to negotiate my love of sushi with a better eating regime. A couple things to consider on my 'sushi day':

- I never go out to sushi without planning a day in advance, to tailor my menu for the whole day
- on sushi day, for my other meals, I have very little protein and refined carbs...I know that between the fish and the rice, I'll get plenty
- on sushi day, for my other meals, I stay away from anything with much sodium...I'll get plenty of that later
- I focus mainly on sashimi (no rice), and stay away from "spicy" (code for fatty mayo sauces) and tempuras
- miso soup and wakame salad are good additions (sodium notwithstanding)
- I'll treat myself to some sushi and veggie rolls also
- in the end, with these "rules" in place for myself, I don't worry about portions too much and just enjoy the meal!

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JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
11/2/12 9:32 A

It really depends on the sushi. You have to watch it, though, because the rice adds up fast. 1 roll (6-8) pices of California roll (crab or imiation crab with avocado) runs about 255 calories. I know my husband needs at least two rolls, and usually something bigger than a California to feel full. I know the California rolls don't have as much protein as I'd like. But, I don't like raw fish or fishy tasting seafood, so it's either veggie, California or a fried roll (spider or temupra shrimp) for me, and those will have more calories.

This is looks like a pretty good place to do a little research:
It looks like nigiri (which it seems like mightb e what you had) can run anywhere from 39-75 calories a piece, with protein anywhere frrom 2-6, depending on the fish. So, if you hit the middle and do 50 calories and 4 proteins, and we'll call "going to town" 10 pieces, that's 500 calories for 40 grams of protein, so maybe not too bad. Probably around 80 carbs. The problem at a buffet is going to be is whether or not 10-12 pieces fill you up and if you can actually resist the other yummy goodness there. I've also found that the sushi at buffets isn't always the best unless you're at a really nice place.

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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11/2/12 7:22 A

So, I just went out to a very nice and upscale Jappanese steakhouse and sushi bar. I couldn't afford this except for a special occasion, or you take along with a buisness traveling friend and he puts it on his company card :) Anyway, we got a sushi appetizer and it was my first time trying sushi, and I realy really liked it.

Now my question, is it good for you? To me it seems great. little slice of fish on top of a little rice. Seems to make it easier for a binger like me to keep portions in check when going out to eat if its as low calorie with decent protein as I'm imaging.

And also, there's Jappanese Supreme Buffet in town as well. That's more my price range. $7.50 for all you can eat. I haven't gone there yet because I would go to town on the fried rice and "steak" that's been grilled like a fast food burger in too much oil. Its like they say with chinese, you can choose only two of the following: Good, cheap, or buffet. This is defintely a cheap buffet so I'm sure quality is lacking.

But if I suggested that place to eat, the others who don't watch what they eat would thouroghly enjoy it, and could I go to town on the sushi? Or would that be something to stay away from (either food sickness or them making it very unhealthy/fatty) since the quality of this food won't be near what the nice sit down restraunt was.

Also, just any suggestions on what sushi to get/stay away from at a sushi bar from a clean eaters standpoint. I really don't know what any of this is. Just know that I had a couple pieces of california roll (very ricey so I'd stay away from those carbs next time) and also had some nigiri which was great. little fish strips on just a little rice. I think I could enjoy a buffet of that without feeling like I was horribly limiting myself.

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