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11/3/12 4:18 P

I've tried sushi a few times and have never really enjoyed it. Someday I may find the one I like.

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11/2/12 4:55 P

PS- I am talking about the raw fish-style sushi, of course. There are all kinds of specialty rolls out there that are loaded with sauces and fried stuff that wouldn't be good for you at all.

My suggestion? Try a Nigiri plate including tuna, salmon, eel, shrimp, etc., or a sashimi platter with tuna, salmon.

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11/2/12 4:53 P

I love sushi.

It should be OK if it is made fresh that day. If you REALLY want to maximize what i think are some decent healthy benefits for that kind of cuisine, eat sashimi- it is the fish, with the rice on the side and not wrapped up or into the fish in rolls. That way, you can get the omega 3's and protein from the fish and limit the rice intake a bit.

I eat sushi once or twice a month- our local supermarket has a sushi bar where sushi chefs make it daily, fresh to order. I love it!

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11/2/12 7:29 A

What's up guys? So i went to a nice, upscale Jappanese steakhouse and sushi bar. Got the combination plate of teriyaki steak and shrimp and it came LOADED with fried rice. Good cheat meal and it was fun watching them cook the food right in front of us (but holy butter and oil)

Anyway, we also got a sushi sampler platter as an appetizer and I really liked it. Plus, strip of fish on a little rice seems like a great think for someone who has a binging problem like me. There's a cheap Jappanese Supreme Buffet in town that is all you can eat for only $7.

I'm thinking that'd be a good place to suggest to the friends here. They'd enjoy a buffet and I could go to town on the sushi and do less damage. Normally at buffet's it sucks cause I really, really want to eat my money's worth in fried rice and the deep fried chicken they pass of as chinese food. Is this a good thought by me? Or is sushi at an all you can eat buffet going to be drastically different than the stuff at a nice, sit down restraunt. I'm sure the quality will be poorer, but overly so and cooked unhealthy?

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