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10/3/09 7:31 A

I think that it works out to about 25 calories a calironia roll so if there are 12 pieces in the set it would be around 300 cals.

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10/2/09 2:45 P

As much as I love sushi rolls, I don't eat them very often. Lets just say I don't like or want to eat rolls in small portions haha... Maybe it's better that I wont know the real nutritional facts :)

10/2/09 2:13 P

Great question! I just had salmon/shrimp/tuna maki (9 small pieces) and I am very confused about the calorie count.

TURRRRA Posts: 1,572
10/2/09 1:51 P

GABAY29, I know what you mean about it being complicated!! Are you eating sushi VERY often? If it's not every day or anything, an estimate should be acceptable for the most part. BUT if you are eating it a lot, that can be tricky since it would be a big part of your calories many days.

I am actually lucky that my grocery store (HEB- not in all areas I know) has very good sushi rolls! Some of the rolls are better than others, but they have some pretty awesome ones that are impressive for a grocery store. Some places get them delivered into the grocery store, so they aren't as fresh, and a little plain. It all depends! There is one sushi restaurant I really like a lot, but I KNOW the ones I like aren't as healthy. One of my favorite ones has fried shrimp in it!! I only go there occasionally though, not regularly. If it's a pretty simple roll and not a specialty one (like a california roll or spicy tuna roll, for example) these should be a little easier to estimate. Also, keep in mind about the size of the roll. Some places serve 5-6 large rolls, and others may have about 9 small ones, but total amount in the same. This makes it a little trickier too!! I wonder if some of the restaurants have nutrition facts if you request them... not all I'm sure, but maybe some!

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10/2/09 1:41 P

i love sushi but lately i haven't been eating it because i don't know how to calculate the calories at the Japanese restaurants.

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10/2/09 1:14 P

Grovere, Thanks for the link, though I have seen that site before. The only problem I have with it, is that they don't list the sodium. I'm not sure if looking it up on dailyplate or kalorie king is good either because every place makes it differently, not to mention the size.
Turrrra, I wish I had a place close by me that sells rolls with the nutrition label on the package. Even if I did, I think the rolls at a Japanese restaurant tastes better than the kind you find at a Wegman's or a grocery store, don't you?
The thing is, when my husband and I go out for dinner (at a Japanese restaurant), I don't know how to track the rolls I eat. I can't just look up calorie counting websites, or foods shared by other sparkmembers because I'm not sure how accurate it will be. Restaurant rolls seem to me like they higher in calories, fat, sodium, etc.
I wish it wasn't this complicated haha but thank you for your replies.

TURRRRA Posts: 1,572
10/2/09 12:07 P

I've been able to find decent information on them in the nutrition factor from what others have added as well. The kind I buy at my grocery store (they have a sushi stand with fresh sushi being made) has nutrition facts on them. They are usually listed per piece, but I eat the whole roll for my meal. The california rolls I buy typically have a little over 300 calories for 9 small pieces. I love the crab dragon rolls as well, and these are a bit higher in calories because of the extra avocado.

For my sushi, I let myself enjoy the extra avocado on occasion since it's healthy fats, but I avoid the tempura kinds and anything crispy (only as a special treat!), creamy or spicy mayo sauces, etc. The fish itself usually is pretty low in calories and fat and vegetables as well. Brown rice is a great healthier alternative when offered too! I just enjoy the sticky white rice more in sushi, so I just eat it and enjoy it! There are plenty worse foods out there than the occasional white rice.

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10/2/09 10:34 A

Here is one I look at sometimes, but also look at like the Daily Plate, Calorie King and websites like that to get an estimate. Also if you go to "Add Food" and search for the roll you ate it might be in the nutrition tracker already that someone else or spark people put in the values for.

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10/2/09 7:41 A

Does anyone know of any accurate (or close to accurate) website that provides nutrition facts for sushi rolls?

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