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3/29/13 11:20 A

I can go along for days and eat "right", but that first mouthful of sugary sweet and I am off to the races..I just LOVE sugar....its a wonder I am not diabetic. Taking a dish of something healthy is a great idea...and your strategy of drinking lots of water and sampling, rather than eating is good.

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3/29/13 10:33 A

Just take VERY small portions of the bad foods & ENJOY! :)

3/29/13 10:19 A

Moderation will be my motto.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

3/29/13 9:10 A

No tips except remember, you are eating for yourself and no one else.

That said, I got a story (collective "ugh" from the readers)....when I was a lifetime member of The Fat Boys Club my M-I-L would short serve my plate letting me FULLY know that I was a freakish tub-a-lard, this was for every holiday. Cake, pie, and other goodies were always passed around the other direction before it got to me and only if she didn't intecept the plate before it got to me.

Then I started to lose weight (side note: I started to lose weight and didn't tell a soul that I was trying to lose weight, not even my wife) and I was no longer looking like I was protesting against being denied food/goodies. I started losing weight in Sept and by the holidays I had dropped about 15-20lbs. I was being accused of losing weight but I denied it as much as I could.

Then it happened; I was passing the plate of ham at Christmas and my wedding ring slipped right off of my finger.

My M-I-L was pissed (as it turned out a fews years later she was right, I did leave her daughter), she ranted about how I was on my way out the door. From that time forward my M-I-L had the best plan of attack, she was sweet as pie and would PILE my plate with my favorite foods. I use to like deviled eggs but was often denied from having any any because I could eat the entire plate and then she started making me my OWN plate of deviled eggs with extra mayo! (YUM!)

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!!

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3/28/13 11:09 P

I will probably have little bits of my favorite foods.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,093
3/28/13 9:30 P

You mean they know your husband is diabetic, and still insist that he eat full platefuls of food? Mention that the doctor and dietitian don't want your husband to "over do", but he can have some of the better tasting foods. As suggested, bring a fruit tray, veggie tray, (not just celery and carrots!) or deviled eggs. Change your weigh in day to Tuesday or Wednesday, that is what our dietitian suggested, no need for it to always be Monday, really. And if you overeat, it ain't the end of the world, in the rest of your lifetime, you will indeed eat more than normal now and again, that's life. Relax.

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3/28/13 9:08 P

I'm going to have a little bit of whatever I want.

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3/28/13 7:31 P

Great suggestions. Thanks to all.

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3/28/13 6:19 P

This is so difficult. in our family we all bring something. Easter cook out on Sat will be a BBQ. we are taking our steak which we will share and a fruit salad. They would have pressured in the past but they have come around. The children are young adults who want to eat healthy now. Hang in there. Don't let yourself feel angry, you can't change them. Sounds like you have done what is in your control. If you can't take a dish without offending I love the edible fruit arrangement hostess gift. :). Good luck

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/28/13 5:34 P

Though I understand the concern, i will play devils advocate for one brief moment. One bad meal or mostly unhealthy meal is not going to sabotage you unless you let it continue for days. As far as your weigh in on Monday, something you eat on Sunday unless it has a lot of salt should not affect the scale. I eat bad on one day and it is about two or so days later that I notice it.

But I do whole heartedly agree to take a healthy dish with you. Bring a salad and maybe a fruit or veggie tray. I brought one of those edible arrangements to my sister. It was filled with pineapple, apples, and strawberries. Some were dipped in chocolate and I left those for the kids.

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3/28/13 5:27 P

I don't usually eat a snack first, because I'd probably eat the snack and then continue eating junk food.

I think taking a dish within my plan works out better. A nice big salad with lots of good stuff, or at Easter if I'm doing low carb - stuffed eggs - everyone loves them.

Have a great Easter! And take teeny tiny portions of bad things so you don't feel deprived.

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3/28/13 5:18 P

Bring the side dish. Is it possible that they have no idea what healthy food items are? My sister in law just told me that she was going to eat more healthy. Her first healthy meal was a McDonald's fillet O fish sandwich meal.

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3/28/13 5:06 P

sounds like a great plan to have a healthy snack first-I agree that taking a salad or vegetable dish that you can then eat without concern is a good idea. Good luck-I am sure we will all have challenges this weekend!

CARTOON3 SparkPoints: (36,264)
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3/28/13 4:42 P

You have a great plan to eat a healthy snack before going and drinking lots of water. Offer to bring a salad too.

3/28/13 4:14 P

Good for you... you have a plan! emoticon

I also avoid starchy, fried, & sugary foods. But sometimes I do get the urge to indulge, and when that happens, I deliberately choose a reasonable portion and enjoy the occasional less-than-healthy food. Doing that on rare occasions does not undo the healthy habits I chose to live with on a regular basis, and it doesn't usually blow my food plan for the day. Hopefully there will be something you can enjoy a reasonable portion of.

Most of all, enjoy the day, and have fun with your grandson! HAPPY EASTER...

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/28/13 4:10 P

Offer to bring a "side dish"? And show up with a nice big bowl of something good and healthy? Like a nice hearty salad with beans and/or grains, say?

Then at least there will be ONE thing there that is friendly-to-your-goals. You can have a larger portion of the food you brought, small "polite" portions of the foods they serve, and your hosts and other guests can try something new and fresh - I'm sure some of the other guests would appreciate it themselves, and what host ever refuses an offering of food!

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3/28/13 3:49 P

On Easter, my husband and I will be going to my stepson and daughter-in-law's home for Easter dinner. They, along with her family who will all be present, eat very unhealthy. My plan is to eat a healthy snack before we arrive, drink lots of water and select sparingly the food on my plate. While I do not want to be rude, I am unwilling to sabatoge my healthy eating because of this invitation. Knowing I weigh in on Monday mornings is extra motivation to not be tempted. Although they know I do not eat, starchy, fried, sugary foods that is what will be available. My husband is a diabetic and while he is not a Sparks person he also will be eating a healthy snack before we arrive at their home.

Things I have tried in the past includes: making sure they know I am pursuing a healthier lifestyle, reminded them my husband is a diabetic and shared articles about the benefit of eating healthy.

Not going is not an option. We want to see our grandson. Yes, before anyone asks ... at age 4 he has developed poor eating habits.

So ... does anyone have strategies and helpful tips on how to survive a menu that is made up of items I do not want and should not be eating.

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