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1/23/13 6:05 P

I also find that recovering from injuries is an interesting adventure. Those who wish to nag, scold and tell me how I " shoulda" behaved at the time of the accident and for years before- actually creating in my mind that this accident is a punishment for me being a failure, a ne'er do well or a just a general mess as a a person are not wise to listen to and take seriously too often. I do think such people truly " mean well" but following their injunctions just does not permit me to live well and improve!

The last seven days have taught me the value of - grace, mercy, gentleness, compassion and doing all that you can to truly- as far as you are able to- mentally and attitudinally- to walk a mile in someone else 's shoes!!!!!

- Johnny -

1/23/13 5:03 P

I missed a few days on here due to sleeping, resting and letting myself be governed and dictated to by my pain.

I am learning, anew, that I do bot do well AT ALL with pain. It turns me into a Kryptonian bathed in Kryptonite.

Yet, Things have their systems and pace. Time takes Time. Being struck by a care last Wednesday night makes these cliche sounding phrases seem very realistic, prudent and powerful.. All actions have their consequences! We can't divorce ourselves from the consequences- even if we say that " This is not at all acceptable to me!". All actions have consequences and each of us must get- I know I'm learning this anew in these late January Days- that we will endure and go through 100 Per Cent of every consequences that is connected to our actions !!!!!

God is good. Rushing to catch a bus on a night when you are wet and tired and cold no longer seems like a good plan.. There are ABSOLUTELY worse things than standing in the cold and waiting an hour for the next bus - LoL ! I will NOT soon forget and lose sight of these realities!

Sparkpeople is a great place to be motivated by many impressive people. I'm glad to be a pare of this GROWING and continually more valuable Cybercommunity!

- Johnny -

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