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1/19/14 11:10 A

I think there are some MAJOR errors on that site.

The site lists 4 ounces of catfish as 100 calories
4 ounces of breaded, fried catfish is 260 calories (according to the USDA)
Even plain, grilled catfish, 4 ounces is 170 calories

The 3 ounces of French Fries is listed as only 60 calories
The actual amount is closer to 280 calories (according to USDA)


MAIGREY1 Posts: 29
1/17/14 7:47 P

I thought the numbers seemed kinda low as well but I got them off the Chicken Express site. They were only counting the fish as 100 calories per piece. May need to drop them an e-mail about their numbers.

2 pieces of fish 200
Gravy 50
3 hushpuppies 130
Chicken express french fries 60
Sweet tea 190

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1/17/14 3:42 P

Are you sure of the calorie count?? Perhaps it was small portions.
630 calories doesn't seem right for what you describe.

I estimate:
12 ounces purchased sweet tea = 150
2 pieces fried fish = 400
French Fries 200-300
Plus Gravy?? 75-100

Don't sweat it though.
For dinner prepare a large salad, low calorie dressing, grilled chicken breast, and a serving of fruit---you'll still be fine.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

MAIGREY1 Posts: 29
1/17/14 2:57 P

I pigged out today for lunch with the kids and figured that one meal was my only food for today. I almost worry that I've done something wrong when entering the food emoticon Usually when we are hungry and out, I pick up a quarter pounder with cheese (530 calories). Today I had two pieces of fish, gravy and french fries, and a sweet tea for 630 calories.

That is half my calories for today and all that fried food was pretty high in fat, but boy am I relieved that I get to have a little something tonight for dinner.

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