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2/23/13 11:25 P

There's much good advice here; Do nourish yourself like you would your dearest friend if he or she were getting ready for surgery. That will help your body and your spirits both. Also very good advice to do some upper body work before the surgery if you're not already. It'll make getting around afterwards much easier. The only way you'll be able to continue exercising is to take care of your knee - even if that means surgery. I had one knee replaced 6 or 7 years ago - I would not be able to walk (or dance, or do aerobics, etc. etc.) if I had not had that surgery. Good luck and take excellent good care of yourself!

2/22/13 12:41 P

Take a deep breath first. If you need knee surgery you will have recovery time and then physical therapy to get you up and moving. Our Tae Kwan Do instructor had knee surgery and still did exercise once he was up. Just follow your doctors orders and don't go beyond those orders - you'll be up and exercising in no time. But always let you body heal first or you will have more trouble in the long run. Good Luck! emoticon

2/22/13 11:23 A

My mom had knee surgery a few years ago and although it was her and not me, I feel your pain! I agree with the others. Right now focus on your eating, You can always do some upper body exercises sitting down, as long as it isn't pulling on your knee. When you see the doctor, he can give you some exercises to follow and if you do have to have surgery, they will give you some as well afterward. Good luck!

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2/22/13 9:39 A

Thank you for note. Will keep advice in mind.

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2/21/13 7:04 P


So sorry to hear the news, but just remember healthy living is a life-long journey and while this may be a blip on your journey, allow time for your body to heal and in no time you should be good to go. And talk to your doctor and see what he/she recommends. Your doctor would be in the best position to advise you as to what activities you can still do.

Take care and here's to a SPEEDY recovery!

Coach Nancy

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2/21/13 7:03 P

When (IF) you have your surgery, your Dr will tell you whether he/she wants you to exercise or not, and IF you are to exercise, then you will be told/shown what to do. Odds are you will have input from a physiotherapist.

Also, when you have surgery, it isn't the time to be focused on weight-loss. It is the time to be focused on GOOD, HEALTHY nutrition ensuring that you are getting plenty of quality protein (not from processed stuff.)

Good luck for a good outcome.

2/21/13 6:43 P

You will let your body heal...and THEN you will exercise!

Take it easy on yourself! You don't want to cause any damage that will jeopardize your health in the future!

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2/21/13 5:59 P

Total panic almost melt down. Have to have MRI may need surgery.......How will I excercise??? Help emoticon

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