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This will happen at it's own pace. My father died in 2004 and the middle of a meeting in a high rise hotel in the middle of the city in the middle of about 100 medical professionals, a comment was made about something that flooded me with mem'ries of him and the tears rolled for the rest of the afternoon. I didn't make a scene...I wiped my eyes and as far as my peers were concerned...I had allergies.'s not funny, but it's a coping method. We live and cope the best we can...eating is one method. I've been on a binge for a month, but I know after 3 years on the Sparks program that this will pass as soon as I can figure out what I'm eating about.
Just stay calm...journaling really helps, even if it's turning on a tape recorder when you're alone and just talking to yourself. You can work out a lot of tension...say things that should never be said to anyone else...and get your thoughts in order.
Just don't panic. Emotions are what they are. You have a right to your feelings and just because other people don't share those emotions...well, it's not right or's what it is.
Contact me on my site if you'd like to talk.

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Hi all, I know that I have asked you all for your prayers over the last month but can I also put out a plea for support? Tomorrow is the last "first" I have to hurdle. Tomorrow is the 1 year
anniversary of my moms death and I have been hanging on to my meal planning and eating by the skin of my teeth. Everything seems under control and then bang it hits me right in the solar plexus and I am off on a teary time. I know that you are all there and I think I just need to hear your "voices" so I know that there are caring people out there. DH is great but he is terrible with these emotional outbursts and says that a year has passed and I should be over it all by now. Well, maybe after tomorrow I can begin the healing process but right now I have to get passed tomorrow.


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