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6/19/14 2:50 P

As someone with a 100% synthetic metabolism, my experience has been, to eat more often. I also limit my exercise to only three times per week on cardio and once per week on strength. I only do cardio for 30 minutes but I hit it hard. All out for 60 seconds and recoup for 30 seconds. I had my thyroid completely out and take Levothyroxin. 150 mcg. Getting a non existent metabolism going is really hard.

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6/19/14 1:22 P

EELPIE pretty much took the words out of my mouth also I would like to add if you don't have a food scale I would invest in one because you might be eating at a maintenance. Also if you are in goo shape I would recommend doing some HIIT (high intensity interval training) at least once a week one of the best ways to increase your metabolism and burn fat.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/19/14 11:44 A

I know plateaus are frustrating - and I know that idea of a magic pill is tantalizing...

In short: there are no magic pills.

Go to google and type in "FDA warning diet pills", you will have hours worth of reading.

With plateaus, something has to be changed. Be it:

* Calorie cycling (2 days high, 2 days low, 2 days high, 2 days low)
* Sticking to lower calorie every day (if possible shave off 150 cals per day and stay there for 3 weeks - if feasible)
* Try eating more calories - bump up 150 a day for 3 weeks
* Change up your workout. If you are not doing strength training, add it. If are not doing cardio, add it. If you already are, you need to increase the intensity or length of them.

Don't waste any more of your money.

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6/19/14 11:08 A

Actually, there's no supplement that can help with weight loss. There are some that *might* help slightly with other health issues, but none that will actually contribute to weight loss. You'll notice that most of them don't even claim to help; they say they "support" healthy weight loss when used in conjunction with diet and exercise. "Support" is what lawyers decided is the strongest word you can use for an ineffective product without meeting the legal definition of fraud.

Almost all "weight loss" supplements are made of caffeine (usually under several different names) and some form of pepper or capsaicin. They make you feel slightly jittery and flushed and hot, so you think you must be "burning" more calories or fat. It's mental, which may actually be what most people need. But there are safer and less expensive ways to get caffeine and capsaicin.

Consider adding a cup of hot green tea before each meal or as an afternoon snack. It will have everything you would get in a supplement, but you will control the dosage of the caffeine. On top of that, you'll also be getting antioxidants for your general health, and the hot liquid will reduce your appetite. Plus, since tea is sold as a food instead of a supplement, it's covered by food safety laws. You can feel confident that it only contains what the label says it contains, and it's not contaminated. Supplements have a seriously bad track record for heavy metal contamination-- lead and mercury, especially.

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6/19/14 10:46 A

The problem with supplements is that they might help you lose a little more while you're taking them, but as soon as you stop the weight usually comes right back. Are you tracking all of your food daily? How long has it been since you lost any weight? What is your recommended calorie range and how many calories do you typically consume?

If you'd like to provide some more details about what you've been doing, we can offer suggestions to help get the weight loss going in a natural and healthy way.

Coach Jen

6/19/14 10:34 A

Hey everyone, I need some help! I am at a plateau and I just cannot lose weight right now. I have been eating great, going to the gym 4 or 5 days a week but I'm just stuck. I do also have hypothyroidism which makes it more difficult. What are some supplements I can take with my food to help boost my weight loss? I know supplements are an opinionated topic and I know the risks of some, but if I hadn't tried everything else, I wouldn't be asking. I tried garcinia cambogia and also something from ItWorks! I wasn't thrilled with either. So any suggestions are helpful!

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