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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
10/8/13 10:29 A

Also, since he is trying to eliminate grains, it almost sounds like a lower carb diet. If this is the case, then you would be eating a higher fat diet. I eat 60% fat, and 10 % carbs for example. If he is cutting 10% of your carbs, he may be adding 10% fat, which would make your supplements a smaller amount of the fat in your diet, and allow for you to eat some fat with your meals as well as your supplements.

This needs to be discussed with your doctor, and you should know what your macronutrient ratios are. Then you can decide if you want to keep him as a doctor.

OPUSEVA Posts: 1,334
10/7/13 5:32 P

"This is to combat and prevent candida."

This is silly - none of this will combat OR prevent a true candida infection. It sounds like you have an "alternative health provider" who has made this popular but fictional diagnosis. Time to stop the supplements and change doctors.

MARY1964 Posts: 469
10/7/13 4:52 P

Sorry I wrote that in a rush. The olive oil is for my salad at lunch and I am eating the eggs with steel cut oats (no oil) so I can get a protein with my breakfast. When I asked him this question my doctor said "don't worry about counting fats" which seemed to me to be a pretty dumb answer. Thanks for the input. I can certainly just eat fruit and oats for breakfast and not sweat the protein. I can probably also get away with a tsp of olive oil on my salad. I just have read so much about eating good fats it is hard to give them up now that I have incorporated them. No I don't eat fish and he said with the amount of omegas I'm getting from the oils I don't need it. I was eating tuna and he said to stop. Thanks again.

10/7/13 4:52 P

Since your doctor is giving you very specific recommendations regarding the supplements to take; the doctor should be giving you guidelines for calories, fat consumption, and meal planning ideas. The amounts your doctor is suggesting are high--so you need more guidance on how to make your entire eating plan fit within your medical goals. I suggest you call the doctor.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
10/7/13 4:31 P

you work around it and/or you go a little over. so maybe you have oatmeal instead of eggs for breakfast. or you find another option that is a little lower in fat and have that more frequently while you have the eggs only occasionally. you could also do a whole egg and two whites. and for a one person serving, a teaspoon of oil should do you, not a Tablespoon. that will cut out almost ten grams of fat right there. avocado will be another infrequent food. good for you, yes, but a serving is 1/4 of one and it's basically pure fat.
could you swap out fish oil capsules for actually eating fish? that would kill two birds with one stone. and by the same token ask if there are any other foods that could get you the same benefit from. and for those other things, can you work those into meals? sprinkle the sunflower seeds on a salad or blend them up into nut butter or something like that?
beyond that if you trust the doc and this is actually helping to get you where you need to be, then ask your doc what you should do. mention that you're eating a much higher proportion of fat and should you be worried about it and if so what is the best way to work around it.

MARY1964 Posts: 469
10/7/13 4:09 P

Background: My doctor has me taking 1200 mg of fish oil for times a day (4800) to help bring my good cholesterol up, 1 capsule of evening primrose oil twice a day (sorry don't remember the mg) and a quarter cup of raw unsalted sunflower seeds along with some other things as well. This is to combat and prevent candida. I'm also not eating any refined sugars, mushrooms or cheese if I can avoid it and he's pushing me to eliminate grains but I'm resisting.

Just these supplements make up nearly 70% of my total allowable fat intake using the lower number. It doesn't seem like I can do anything about them because I have to take them to combat the candida so what do I do about only having a portion of my allowable fat remaining? How do I consistently maintain a healthy ratio of fats if I'm already 70% there before I have consumed one calorie of my meals? When you factor in a tbsp of extra virgin olive oil (14g) and two organic eggs for breakfast (9g) that puts my daily fat intake to 49 mg. The only other fats I'm consuming are all good ones - my proteins, some and some fats from avocado on my salads or something but it is adding up and throwing me off. Before I have even hit 1200 calories I already have about 65 g of fat.

Can anyone help me with this? What can I do? Should I just ignore the ratios? Should I insist that we stop the supplements?

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