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2/12/13 9:29 A

a few

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2/12/13 9:20 A

I have MS, so my supplements may not be the norm. I supplement vitamin D (I had my levels checked first), flax seed oil, a vegetarian multivitamin, milk thistle (liver protection), and green tea. My main concern is oxidative stress and eating a diet rich in veg (and supplemented with the green tea and anti-inflammatory flaxseed oil) helps.

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2/12/13 9:05 A

Before you start a regimen of supplements based on a book you read, you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor. The vast majority of people do not need supplements to be healthy at all; at most, a regular multivitamin. It's important that you get a doctor's guidance, because self-diagnosing shortages can cause you to overdose on these things and trigger some unpleasant side effects.

Not to mention that all bottles are not made alike; the supplement market is unregulated by the FDA, and as a result you never really know what you're getting. A doctor can (or at least should, anyway) be able to provide you with educated guidance. If you're taking any prescription medications, it's doubly important to check. My grandmother started taking St. John's Wort for her memory... until her doctor told her that it can interact with her blood pressure medication! It caused a temporary spike, but she stopped the St. John's Wort, and she was fine. If she hadn't asked... she might not be here today.

Remember that oftentimes these books are poorly researched, or even twist the facts they're referencing to reach the conclusions they want. This goes even for NYT bestsellers!

So step cautiously, and don't be fooled by thinking all your health issues can be solved with a pill. Those books can be very convincing, until you start digging down and getting the REAL facts.

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2/12/13 8:57 A

Yes, i take supplements but i have also gotten a bloodtest that showed what i needed. Don't just start taking things because you read it in a book. Do you really truly need them? Can you get them through the food you eat? Maybe you should take a better look at your diet. I agree with the D3 since we as a nation don't spend a lot of time outside in the sunshine and when we do, we are loaded with sunscreen.
I find exercise helps me with brain fog and sleep. I also find that clean eating helps me with that too.
And be careful-- some of the supplements may react negatively to each other as well.

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2/12/13 8:27 A

Hi All,
I've been reading books by a local Dr.....Dr. Anthony Martin, and am planning a regimen of Supplements based on all I've been reading. Does any one else take them and what are you taking? Do you find it helps? My biggest complaints are not being about to sleep well at night, and also having problems with concentration, there are times when I just get a real brain fog and have short periods where I totally lose track of what I was doing and how to do it. My grandmother had alzeimers which concerns me, but in reading some of these books it can also be caused by a lack of B12 and D3. Just wondering about your experiences.

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